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Ways to become a better leader

Ways to become a better leader

Ways to become a better leader As a leader, your most important role is to provide clear direction to your employees. A leader must ensure that their team members understand what their individual goal and the team goal is and how to work towards achieving them. To...

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Topics covered in this webinar: What is emotional intelligence; Emotional Intelligence at work; How to improve your emotional intelligence; 10 ways to work smarter using emotional intelligence; Using emotional intelligence to be a great Co-worker; Using emotional intelligence to be a great Boss

Conducting Effective Interviews

Topics covered in this webinar: Purpose of the interview process Pitfalls and discrimination Selection process Interview process Different types of interview questions and examples

How To Deal With Mental Health Issues In the Workplace

Topics covered in this webinar: Mental Health awareness in the workplace – the size of the hidden problem The stress container – how we all manage and deal with stress The impact of work on our stress levels Unconscious bias and judgements on mental health Common...

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Topics covered in this webinar: What is bullying and harassment? What legal protections do employees have? What are my responsibilities as an employer? What can I do as an employer to prevent and/or deal with bullying and...

Stress Management

Topics covered in this webinar: What is stress in the workplace? What are the causes of stress? How can I support my employees and what are my obligations as an employer? How to develop a stress management...

The Benefits and Importance of Annual Leave

Topics covered in this webinar: Benefits to employees taking annual leave. Can you make employees take annual leave? How to encourage employees to take annual leave. Annual leave whilst on furlough. Carrying over annual leave and the...

IR35 Recap – April 2021

Topics covered in this webinar: Do you use contractors in your business? Do you want to understand more about IR35 and the implications for your company? What impact do the changes to IR35 have for me and my company? How will I know if IR35 rules apply to...

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