Our Amazing Team

At Clover HR we have a passionate and highly skilled team of HR professionals!

Our team has been carefully chosen to ensure we provide our clients with a complete HR service, wealth of knowledge and expert advice, spanning all areas of HR

Michael Doolin
Michael Doolin
A clover HR staff member
Jenny Riley
A Clover HR staff member
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Leigh
A clover HR team member
Suki Moore
A Clover HR staff member
Ian Perry
A Clover HR staff member
Clair Booth
A Clover HR staff member
Leanne Cox
A Clover HR staff member
Ceri Cooper
A Clover HR staff member
Sarah Hudson
A picture of a woman with dark hair
Nitu Patel
Lynn Burman
Sarita Hale
Elizabeth Wass
Stacy Kirby
Keisha Facey
David Ward
Deirdre Silver
Louise Rance
Victoria Moorhouse
Helen Rogers
Chloe Stephen
Beth Park
Angie Sykes

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