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Clover HR has a strong relationship with local businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke HR and Coaching solutions to a diverse range of businesses in this exciting city and the surrounding area.

Michael Doolin
Michael Doolin
A clover HR staff member
Jenny Riley
A Clover HR staff member
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Leigh
A clover HR team member
Suki Moore
A Clover HR staff member
Ian Perry
A Clover HR staff member
Philippa Lyon
A Clover HR staff member
Clair Booth
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Nitu Patel
A Clover HR staff member
Leanne Cox
A Clover HR staff member
Ceri Cooper
A Clover HR staff member
Sarah Hudson
A Clover HR staff member
Fiona Morris
Lynn Burman
Sarita Hale
Elizabeth Wass
Stacy Kirby
Keisha Facey
David Ward
Deirdre Silver
Danielle Brooks

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