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Benefits of a robust health and safety system

As per Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, you and your business have a legal duty to look after your people, premises and others who may be affected by your undertaking.

There is a moral obligation to ‘do the right thing’ If a member of your team was injured and you know you could have done more, how would you feel?

Good businesses take health and safety seriously, staff feel valued and accidents reduce. Bad health and safety practices cost more than money, there is a time and possible reputational impact when things go wrong.

Plan and develop policy

Well-developed plans and policies are fundamental to success in health and safety management. Clover H and S will help you to define what may cause harm in your business and whether you can do more to prevent accidents and incidents happening.

Assess training needs

Often reluctance to embrace ‘health and safety’ is borne from a lack of understanding that can then lead to unsafe practices and the repetition of unsafe practices. Focussed training shows your commitment to staff welfare, reduces accidents and is a necessary requirement. We will help you to assess the training needs of your staff and to put in place a health and safety training plan that best meets the needs of your business.

Communications plan

Two-way communication is vital to health and safety engagement, your staff need to know where to take ideas and issues and where to find information. Clover H and S will help you to plan who to communicate with, when and how.

Monitor and improve performance

All health and safety management systems require useful performance measurements to be effective. Clover H and S will help you to audit You need to know if policies are working as you planned, if controls are sufficient and if there are updates you can make to accommodate changes and improve safety.

Develop a positive safety culture

A positive safety culture frees up time, boosts morale and helps provide your business with a competitive edge. If the fundamentals of your health and safety system are working to plan, employees feel valued and will want to embrace good safety practices.

Fire Risk Assessment

If you occupy commercial premises, you need an independent, up-to-date Fire Risk Assessment, you may need to assign staff to fire safety roles and train them, a lot to think about. Your insurance company will also need to know you are fire safety compliant. Often solutions are simple and we will look for practical measures in line with your business.

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How can Clover H and S help?

Undertake an initial assessment of the activities you undertake and your premises.

Produce an action plan for health and safety compliance.

Help you to undertake health and safety duties such as:-

  • inductions
  • inspections,
  • risk assessments/reviews,
  • health and safety gap analysis and training plans
  • accident and incident investigations
  • ergonomic and display screen equipment assessments,
  • COSHH assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Other health and safety activities as required
  • Specific health and safety project management

Produce a report that details any areas of concern as well as the processes that are working well and may just need a tweak.

Visit your workplace to assess with you the steps required to achieve compliance and realistic timelines.

Provide practical solutions and ensure you are supported all the way.

Provide twice yearly consultations to review processes and procedures, to define any updates required and to help with any concerns you may have.

Help you keep costs down by only paying for the services you require, no need to employ expensive health and safety personnel

Provide guidance that will help you to engage staff to cooperate and commit to improved safety.

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We also provide CDM Consultant services for construction projects.

We ensure that the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are aware of their legal duties and undertake to make sure that all the tasks that are required to be done are done.  We also work with the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor to produce a Health and Safety File for the Client as CDM Regulations require.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can give you an idea of costs based on your business activities and location Call us to find out more 0121 516 0299

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