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Are you looking after your team members?

Protecting your staff is the law but it is also your moral obligation to ‘do the right thing’. If a member of your team was injured and you know you could have done more, how would you feel?

As per Health and Safety At Work Act 1974, you and your business have a legal duty to look after your people, premises and others who may be affected by your undertaking. Bad health and safety practices cost more than money, there is a time and possible reputational impact when things go wrong.

Here at Clover Health & Safety, we can help you achieve regulatory compliance, protect your employees from foreseeable harm and build a strong, positive health and safety culture in the workplace. We have a vast H&S service offering and we tailor that to the specific needs of your organisation, so whether you require general health and safety training for your team, it’s time for your annual health and safety risk assessment or if you need to have your fire safety brought up to the legal standard – we are here to help you do just that.

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Our Health & Safety Services

Good businesses take health and safety seriously which leads to fewer workplace accidents and makes your staff feel valued, which in turn increases their motivation, job satisfaction and productivity. This is the foundation of a positive health and safety culture that drives business growth. To help you achieve that, Clover Health and Safety offers flexible, bespoke health and safety services that meet your individual business needs.

Health & Safety Consultancy

We provide bespoke Health & Safety Consultancy packages to give you the peace of mind that you are providing a safe, compliant working environment for your team, fulfilling your legal obligation. Our Health and Safety Consultants are experienced in a range of industries including retail, manufacturing, construction and public sector services, such as medical and fire services. We will work with you to develop a Health and Safety Manual, conduct annual H&S audits and provide continued support and consultation.

Health & Safety Inspections & Risk Assessments

Clover Health and Safety also deliver bespoke onsite and project-based services where you will always have a dedicated qualified H&S advisor on hand providing support and guidance regarding site inspections, accident/near miss investigation, risk assessments and overall review of H&S decisions from both management and contractors. We also work on health and safety projects in construction from new builds to refurbishments, including shop fittings and commercial developments. Clover Health and Safety are equipped and experienced to manage both small and large sites to fully meet the needs of our clients. 

Health & Safety Training & Awareness Courses

In addition to our H&S Consultancy services, we also offer Health and Safety Training Courses that can help you build H&S awareness within your organisation and ensure your team are up to date with the latest requirements and training specific to their job role. We have a broad range of courses available ranging from Basic Fire Safety and First Aid to IOSH and NEBOSH. Our training delivery can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and your team including onsite, face-to-face sessions, as well as online and remote learning.

Fire Safety Training, Risk Assessment & Equipment

At Clover Health & Safety, we also offer a complete package of fire safety services that can be adapted to match your unique business needs. This includes the provision and supply of fire arrangements within your workplace, giving you the confidence that you are meeting the British Fire Safety standards. We work with a team of experienced, qualified fire safety engineers who can carry out the legally required fire safety risk assessments, as well as supply, install, service and maintain all your essential fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

Benefits of choosing Clover

Protect your team,
protect your business

Your people are your most valuable asset and so ensuring that you have adequate health and safety policies and procedures within the workplace is crucial.

This is not only a moral but also a legal responsibility of every employer, so if someone gets injured at work due to a risk that you could have prevented, it could have serious legal and financial repercussions to your business and even you as an individual (Section 37).

Such an incident would also have a big impact on your employer brand and your reputation.

Health and Safety isn’t just reserved for businesses that operate machinery or those in ‘high risk’ roles – it filters through to every sector, industry and organisation. Providing adequate occupational health & safety (OH&S) training, knowledge sharing and the implementation of up-to-date policies, procedures and practices are key to creating a positive Health and Safety culture.

When your people feel safe, they feel valued, and this contributes to a much more efficient and productive work environment.

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Do you work in construction?

We also provide CDM Consultant services for construction projects.

We ensure that the Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are aware of their legal duties and undertake to make sure that all the tasks that are required to be done are done.  We also work with the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor to produce a Health and Safety File for the Client as CDM Regulations require.

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Health & Safety FAQ’S

How do I become health & safety compliant?

Compliant’s in health and safety can take various levels, for example do you morally want to keep people safe should be more the question. However we do have to ensure as a business we look at all risks. Health and Safety is a risk to business both in reputation and financial risk. Therefore the need to ensure we both morally keep people safe and protect our business in vital in todays business environment.  

The answer to the question is to believe the real value of health and safety, yes most HSE visits will look at the paperwork side of the business i.e. do you have signed Risk assessments, safe working practices, trained staff and good inspected equipment. However the HSE also want to see that the culture of the business is to implement and monitor the standards set by the company. If fact more and more cases in court are focusing on the culture of the business and remember the HSE can interview your staff under caution.

The best way to ensure compliant’s is to yes ensure all the paperwork is in place but to get the staff to buy in to the standards you set, to understand that health and safety not only protects people in protects your business and therefore jobs.

Does a self employed person need a health and safety policy?

Under Section 2 of the health and safety at work act 1974  all employees should set a policy, however this does not have to be written down unless you employ five or more people. The problem is the policy is to set your standards for example what is it your business wishes to achieve, who is going to do what and how do we do what we need to do. The Policy and procedures manual sets out responsibilities for all employees and the procedures sections explains how to do set tasks i.e working at heights, accident investigations. All these should be tailored to your business to ensure you are getting the full benefits of health and safety.

Helping keep your
business safe

Clover Health and Safety offers businesses flexible, bespoke health and safety services that meet your individual business needs.

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Why choose us?

Getting it right – first time, every time, is our aim.

We understand that every client is unique with their own individual strengths, weaknesses and challenges. At Clover HR we do not operate a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach but take time to get to know you, to discover what makes you truly great, learn where there is room to develop and understand the specific challenges you’re facing.

Once we have been on that journey, we then work with you to create a roadmap of support so you can get the very best out of your people and have peace of mind knowing that we are walking alongside you. We will help you put the right contracts, documentation and processes in place to ensure that you, and your team, have the right frameworks of support and a sound legal foundation on which to move forwards.

We don’t just simply help managers and leaders to become legally compliant employers. We form strong relationships with our clients and actively partner with them to deliver positive change, creating a culture that gets the very best out of their people within a framework that protects both employer and employee.

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Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR support, we will transform people problems to solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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