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Psychometric assessments

Psychometric assessments, are an essential element of the organisational strategy, providing valuable insights throughout the entire employee life cycle allowing you to make better informed recruitment and development decisions.

Our assessment service is accessible, professional and flexible with a team of chartered occupational psychologists who have a wealth of experience, specialising in the global assessment of your biggest asset- your people. We will advise on the best assessments for your given challenge, or should you prefer, deploy the assessments you instruct us to.

What we offer our clients

Personality profiling acts as an ideal solution, in making an informed and objective judgement to identify a candidates ‘fit’ within an organisation. Not only does it help you establish the fit of someone new coming into the organisation, it also assesses how people may behave under pressure, thus reducing the risk of hiring or promoting the wrong person due to limited awareness of their derailment factors.

Our profiling assessments are based on ‘Big 5’ and ‘Big 5 + 1’ BPS accredited assessments.

We work on a consultative basis, providing you with an initial, detailed consultation session to identify the best assessments to suit your business and people needs. Additionally, we understand that time is of the essence, especially during the recruitment process and so we offer same day bespoke reports tailored to your desired criteria.

How we can help your recruitment needs

Enhance your recruitment process. Psychometric assessments provide you with the ability to make informal and objective judgment and a better understanding of candidate suitability- measured against your specific job description and person specification.

When it comes to C-Suite and managerial positions, suitability for both the role and company are crucial. Management play a huge part in the development, engagement and turnover of your team so carrying out effective assessments will help you to

  • Assess suitability for the role
  • Establish fit with organisational values and goals & culture
  • Gain an understanding of an individual’s behavioural style and traits
  • Save time and effort during the recruitment process
  • Standardise the recruitment process
  • Hire competent managers – helps lead to high performing teams and employee engagement & lower turnover
  •  Improve ‘take up’ rates
  • Reduce wrong hires
  • Ensure fairer and more objective recruitment
  • Attract and retain more high performers
  • Cultivate a better team and cultural fit
  • Provide more focused development and training

Not only do we use the best assessments for the job at hand, we also interpret and tailor the outputs to align with objective criteria and critical success factors within the person specification and job description. For every tailored report we write, we provide an in-depth debriefing session to the interviewer’s post-interview and each candidate is offered a development feedback session after the interview.

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How we can help your development needs

Training is not a one size fits all exercise.

For the most effective Learning, Development and Training solutions, you must understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Psychometric assessment not only provides managers with a better understanding of their individual team members skills sets but also identifies where there are potential areas for development. Managers and individuals alike are able to gain a more indepth and detailed insight into:

  • With others of a different style.
  • Awareness of own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ability to tailor training and learning opportunities to employee needs.
  • Increased awareness of their individual derailers.

Our assessments also help organisations and managers to make better informed decisions relating to organisational leadership and succession planning. Resource planning and suitability assessments for roles are also made so much easier using expert, data driven analysis.

Not only can our assessments help with individual development, but also team building. Helping people understand how to work with each other better, maximises overall team performance and helps identify potential sources of tension, identify areas of strength, develops understanding

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