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Are you looking to add structure and organisation to your workplace?

At Clover HR, we have a team of HR specialists with over 25+ years of experience in advising businesses across the UK on how to improve their company’s organisational structure and systems. Our organisational design service aims to improve the performance of your business by implementing new organisational structures and working practices that reflect a driven culture and allow your in-house talent to work to their full potential.

With a dedicated HR consultant providing tailored advice, we guide you through the implementation process and build a sustainable organisational design structure that inspires the best in your employees and future proofs your business. Our professional team will be there to support you in achieving long-term results and allowing your organisation to grow from strength to strength.

Our services

Organisational Redesign and Restructuring

Our specialist HR consultants have an in-depth knowledge of organisational restructuring, improving both employee engagement whilst supporting a boost in your company’s overall performance. To achieve such positive results we:


Translate business strategy into a structure


Implement performance management goals


Encourage and empower employees

Our organisational redesign services include:


Re-organising Structure and Installing Accountability


Implementing Technology and Data-Led Decisions


Improving Leadership and Culture


Addressing Management Systems


Uniting Talent and Strategy


Optimising Business Process

Through one-to-one consultations, we can help your business accept and identify its weaknesses, designing an organisational structure to unlock your potential together.

What Does Organisational Redesign Involve?

Our organisational design services allow companies to stay on track with their business strategy by altering their internal operations. It is an opportunity to readdress their approach, revamping processes and structures to help your business to stay on track.

With industries constantly evolving, redesign and adjustment are inevitable if organisations wish to continually compete within these changing parameters. With the right organisational model, it is possible to get your employees to outperform the competition. Old systems often do not lend themselves to this new and fast-moving working world. Therefore, organisational redesign looks to:


Build and align business capabilities


Implement changing structure, redefining roles


Bring together culture and leadership


Embrace new methods and technology

How Clover HR Can Help

Every business is unique, at Clover HR, we understand the need for a bespoke approach that meets your organisation’s specific needs. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, our qualified consultants will instead work personally with you to establish the most successful organisational redesign.

After building a rapport and getting to know your business’s characteristics, only then will we support the creation of your roadmap. Working with our very best people, you can rest assured your business is benefiting from our 25+ years of experience. We can assist in implementing the roadmap – ensuring the right contracts and documents are in place, appropriate communications occur and support the new framework, providing your organisation with a stable legal grounding to progress.

Working with Clover HR, your business can benefit from our support throughout the entirety of your organisational redesign. We pride ourselves on forming strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients, and supporting your managers and leaders to become fully formed, legally compliant employers. Together, we can help get your business back on track or stay ahead of the competition, with our organisational design services, ultimately allowing your employees to thrive.

Case studies

Our Clients

Our specialist consultants are always available to support you through your organisational redesign.

Over the years, we have supported many businesses through our organisational design services, adapting our recommendations to suit their particular wants and needs from reorganisation to improve sales growth, to streamlining unnecessary complexity to enhance customer experience. Clients have also come to Clover HR for support in redesigning their business functions to enhance their efficiency and, ultimately, cut costs.

Why Clover HR?

Choosing to improve your organisational design with the help of Clover HR’s experienced team of business consultants guarantees your company benefits from:


Experts with more than two decades of combined experience


Flexible organisational redesign plans tailored to your business


Dedicated HR consultant for your organisation


Sustainable and affordable organisational redesign service


Free HR Health Check for your business

For more information regarding our extensive experience in developing organisation design services, get in touch with Clover HR today. We begin your organisational redesign journey with a free HR Health Check.

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Our Mission

To be outstanding, trusted people advisors and partners to business everyday

Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR support, we will transform people problems to solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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