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Mitigate risks and maximise value through business change

As established HR consultants with over two decades of experience in guiding businesses through change, Clover HR supports organisations across the UK with a holistic merger and acquisition advisory service. We have a proven track record of success in dealing with the various complexities associated with M&A, such as corporate restructuring, employee engagement and regulatory compliance.

A merger, a buy-in or a new venture can open multiple growth avenues for your company, as long as you manage to navigate successfully through the various stumbling blocks along the way. Our M&A advisory services are crucial to the due diligence process. Our HR experts are trained to identify cultural conflicts between the merging companies and implement a risk management strategy to avoid pitfalls on a talent level.

How Clover HR Can Help

At Clover HR, we provide a bespoke M&A consultancy service that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. We leverage our decades of experience in the industry to draw insights into the differences and similarities between the merging companies and their values to create a unified strategy fit to support sustainable business growth.

We achieve this by focusing our efforts on:

Talent Retention

When two companies merge, corporate restructuring is an inevitable part of the process. As part of our M&A services, we help you identify and retain key talent at all levels of the hierarchy, including managers and business leaders who can drive success in a rapidly changing corporate environment.

Internal Communications

Arguably, employees are the most valuable asset any business has so we ensure that your employee’s input is taken into account to promote the success of the M&A. Our HR consultants facilitate seamless internal communications to provide relevant information about the ongoing changes, giving workers a sense of clarity and security, while also offering them the chance to speak up and discuss any concerns that they may have.

Integration of Corporate Cultures

A disjointed corporate culture can be the downfall of a newly merged company, so our M&A specialists look for strategic ways to mould and adapt existing cultures into a stronger, combined solution that sets out coherent business goals and values. We work to implement positive change with a top-to-bottom approach and ensure an emotional buy-in across everyone in the business to achieve long-term results.

Due Diligence

HR policies and procedures differ between individual organisations, so robust due diligence is required to avoid legal risks during M&A deals. As part of that, our merger and acquisition advisory service carries out a comprehensive review of all existing documentation, practices and procedures to ensure regulatory compliance and avoid legal liabilities in the future.

Your Trusted M&A Experts

At Clover HR, we help businesses organise the chaos of mergers and acquisitions with a systematic, commercially-minded approach to HR change. We advise you on how to best handle both the talent and governance side of corporate transformation, delivering an M&A consultancy service defined by:


Over two decades of corporate HR expertise


Tailored merger and acquisition advisory services


A dedicated HR consultant by your side


HR specialists with commercial acumen


Diverse client portfolio across the UK

If you are acquiring or merging a business and you need advice on the human aspects of the deal, our merger and acquisition advisory services can help you take a strategic direction that generates value overtime. Get started by contacting Clover HR today and claim your free HR Health Check to begin your journey to success.

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