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Get HR support and advice from professional HR consultants with over 25 years of experience in the industry. At Clover HR, we are committed to offering a bespoke consultancy service that delivers tangible value to your business. 

Our team will help you implement modern HR tools to streamline your processes and utilise automation to save time in dealing with HR admin. We also offer practical HR advice to optimise your employee management practices, from recruitment to training, development and conflict resolution. 

Covering all areas of HR and the end-to-end employee lifecycle, our outsourced HR solutions for the IT sector are designed to help your business build the best team possible and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Delivering superb HR consultancy services

Areas Clover HR Can Help With

Building effective partnership relationships with all our clients and ensuring that our consultancy services are tailored to your specific business needs is at the core of our approach. Our HR consultants regularly offer advice to IT companies in a number of key HR areas, including: 


Talent Recruitment and Retention


Employee Training & Development


Employee Benefits & Rewards


Automated HR System


employee engagement


Policies and Procedures


Employee Contracts


Dispute Resolution

Build The Best Team With Clover HR Value

As IT specialists are in high demand in the current market, finding and retaining the right people can be a challenge. Clover HR’s consultancy service is designed to help you stand out from the competition and attract the best talent. Here’s how we make a difference to your business:

Become an Employer of Choice

Having partnered with multiple IT service providers in the UK, our HR experts understand the demands of the sector and we can help you show potential employees that your business is a great place to work. We can advise you on a range of topics from employee benefits and rewards to employee progress management and how to create a positive HR culture in the workplace.  

Secure Industry Expertise on Your Team

Our experienced HR specialists are here to assist you through the recruitment process, from placing a job ad that targets the right candidates to CV screening, interviewing and candidate selection advice. With Clover HR by your side, you are sure to find the right fit for your team and avoid hiring mistakes that can cost you time and money. 

Provide Employee Training & Development

A great employer, especially in a fast-changing industry, such as IT, always provides their staff with opportunities for training and professional development. We are experts in finding the right solutions to close skill gaps in your organisation and give your team the right tools to grow and learn. 

Resolve Employee Disputes With Ease

Every business owner faces difficult situations in their employee management practices. When you are dealing with dismissals, employee disputes or redundancies, our HR consultants will support you through the process to ensure a positive resolution is reached as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

HR Software and Automation

Clover HR will guide you to implementing a highly functional HR system that modernises your organisation’s HR practices. Automation can save you time and effort when handling HR-related administration including payroll, employee absence management, rota and shifts management, employee development and personal data collection. 

Employee Contracts, Company Policies and Data Protection

Our HR solutions include a full review of your company contracts and policies. We ensure that your business is fully protected whether it comes to health and safety or GDPR. With a solid HR foundation in place, your IT business is stable and HR best practices can be successfully implemented at all levels. 

Our Clients

Great 1st class service backed by an amazing team with a proven track record, Clover HR are amazing.


“Sarita is doing a great job for us, she is really helpful and responds to everything very quickly.  She is a credit to Clover HR and we are very pleased with the service”. 

Joanne Cox, Director at Langley Compass Group

“We are an IT Managed Service Provider based in the Midlands with expertise in Automation and Innovation. Over the last 18 months we’ve experienced rapid growth going from 24 employees to 70. With no HR expertise in house it became quite daunting to ensure we looked after and had the correct benefits and procedures to support our growing business. We found Clover to guide and support us and it was the best decision we made. There friendly, efficient service meant that we could feel confident that our HR responsibilities were a priority and at the best they could be. Clover have been fantastic through our relationship and have been just as efficient and helpful throughout whether it was a time that we needed a lot of help and communication or times where we just had the odd question and needed some advice. Highly recommend for any HR requirements.”


How we can help your IT needs

Interested in our outsourced HR solutions for the IT sector? Schedule a free HR Health Check for your business, or speak to an HR consultant about your business by getting in touch with Clover HR today.


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Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR consultancy, we will transform people’s problems into solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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