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Quality Policy


Clover HR is committed to providing quality and trusted advice and support for any SME or business owner who employs people.

The monitoring and assurance of customer and all other interested parties’ satisfaction is fundamental to all the work carried out by us.

We are committed to delivering an assurance programme that drives compliance within our integrated management system, encourages continual improvement and ensures all our activities and products consistently satisfy and exceed customers and interested parties’ expectations.


Our quality performance is fundamental to our strategic objective to deliver operational excellence. We will adhere to the following principles in delivering our quality commitments:

  • We will comply with all regulatory and other applicable requirements.
  • We will incorporate client quality requirements into our management system and ensure that these are met by the regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback.
  • We will formally measure our business performance through the delivery of a planned programme of inspection and audits.
  • We will ensure that progress against our quality objective is measured, monitored and reported through setting, updating and publishing quality key performance indicators and associated performance targets.
  • We will perform incident reviews when we receive customer complaints.
  • We will establish channels of communication which ensures that quality performance is effectively communicated, and which encourages all employees to contribute to improvements in our quality performance.
  • We will invest in innovation, collaboration and strategic alliances to deliver operational excellence and meet customer and interested parties’ requirements.
  • We will provide the right information, advice, training and supervision to ensure that people under our control understand their quality responsibilities and are competent to deliver operational excellence.
  • We are committed to maintaining and improving the economic and social wellbeing of our employees and working effectively and efficiently to create a cleaner, healthier environment for all, by operating in such a way that helps to prevent pollution, minimises waste and conserves natural resources.
  • We will provide sufficient resources to implement this policy in full.


Responsibility for the effective management of quality rests with the Managing Director and the Management Team. They will implement the quality management system and develop business specific requirements, as necessary, to ensure delivery of operational excellence. All our people have a responsibility to deliver operational excellence. They must fully co-operate to ensure that all quality processes, procedures and controls are followed to deliver consistent great service.

Communication of this Policy

This policy will be displayed on our website and will be brought to the attention of other interested parties’ as required.