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Why Should a Business Choose Clover Coaching?

Improved performance and productivity of its people and its business.

Deal with your people issues.

Ensure legal compliance

Grow and support your people through life’s challenges.

Benefits of Clover Coaching

Clover Coaching provides a pragmatic and helpful insight into how you can operate yourself and your business more effectively.

Coaching maximises performance by helping people create personal growth through goal setting and achievement (beyond comfort zone), creating commitment and accountability to these goals and creating strategies to remove barriers, such as reframing thoughts and eliminating unhelpful behaviours. Clients develop individualised programs to achieve their goals and tackle any problems.

In organisations we often experience managers and employees bearing problems that affect them personally and professionally, which can affect their wellbeing and performance. We have found that SME’s are most impacted by the problem areas: dealing with difficult people, stress, time management and procrastination, perfectionism and imposter syndrome. With over 18 years experience in HR and communications, we have seen how meaningful one to one conversations help managers and employees to be more focused on the job in hand, achieve their goals and be more engaged.

Clover offers organisations coaching expertise, providing confidential one to one coaching sessions with employees or managers either in person or video call. They can expect to talk to a trusted, empathetic coach to identify and understand their own barriers and develop strategies to overcome them. As well as being provided with tools and techniques to use between sessions to achieve their weekly goals.

We recommend a package of five weekly sessions for the person to demonstrate positive progression and organizational benefits.

If you want to know how to be smarter be reassured, be challenged, Clover HR can identify the best route forward for you and your business.

We offer a free 45 minute coaching session on the topics of: dealing with difficult people, stress management, time management and procrastination, perfectionism and imposter syndrome.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we can give you an idea of costs based on your business activities and location Call us to find out more 0121 516 0299

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