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Hr and the manufacturing industry

Clover HR specialises in providing bespoke HR services for manufacturing companies across the UK. With over 25 HR Business Partners, our team has been carefully chosen to ensure we provide our clients with a complete HR consultancy service, wealth of knowledge and sound advice, spanning all areas of HR and the end-to-end employee lifecycle.

Many of our Business Partners have previous experience within the manufacturing and engineering sectors, allowing them to truly understand the types of issues and topics that require focus from an HR perspective. We are able to give guidance on areas such as manning and workforce organisation, absence and disciplinaries as well as working with employers on culture and industrial relations.

With a partnership focus, collaboration is key at Clover HR. We will pair you with a dedicated HR Business Partner who will develop a true understanding of your business and your people.

Delivering superb HR consultancy services

Areas Clover HR Can Help With

Clover HR provides bespoke consultancy service for all the HR needs of your manufacturing business designed to cover the specific issues faced by your organisation. Some of our main areas of expertise include:


HR Consultancy & Advice


Employee Training & Development


Recruitment Support


Employee Benefits


Health & Safety Policy Implementation


Employee Dispute Resolution


Employee Performance Management


HR Software Implementation

Delivering Tangible Business Value

When choosing an outsourced HR partner for your business, it is important to consider the true value of your investment in HR resources. Here, at Clover HR, we are proud to offer a tailor-made service that answers the true pain points of your organisation to drive commercial value and ensure an excellent ROI. Discover more about what we can do for your manufacturing company below.

Increase Employee Engagement & Performance

An engaged workforce is motivated to deliver a stellar performance and in turn, drive the success of your business. We guide SMEs in the manufacturing industry to creating functional and robust relationships with their employees and building a positive company culture for sustainable organisational growth.

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

As specialists in recruitment with extensive experience in working with the manufacturing sectors, Clover HR is perfectly positioned to offer support and guidance not only during the recruitment process but also during the time an employee stays with your organisation to ensure that you always have the best possible talent on your team.

Provide Employee Training & Development

Our team has years of expertise in helping employees grow from their initial induction to regular employee training, personal development plans and performance management. With HR support from Clover, you will be able to quickly identify and close skill gaps within your organisation to maximise the potential of your employees. 

Disciplinaries and Grievances Management

An experienced HR Business Partner (HRBP) will guide you through the required process to ensure any disciplinaries or grievances are dealt with according to ACAS and company policies, limiting any exposure to Employment Tribunal claims.

Streamline HR Activities with Automation

We help you modernise your approach to HR by implementing Breathe HR – an integrated HR system that automates everything from payroll and employee absence management to personal data storage and employee development. This allows you to significantly reduce the time spent dealing with HR-related admin and optimise your team’s performance based on detailed data reports.

Protect Your Staff, Your Data and Your Organisation

From health and safety to data protection and GDPR, as well as employment contracts and company policies, Clover HR’s services for manufacturing companies ensure all industry best practices are followed to protect your business at all levels. 


How we can help your manufacturing needs

At Clover HR we are committed to providing focused quality advice that you can rely on and trust. Our goal is to provide the support needed to drive your business forward and grow. We are a committed, reliable and trustworthy team of HR experts ready to help your business achieve a competitive advantage through your people.

Whether you are a small or a large manufacturing enterprise, we have a solution for you.


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Can I easily dismiss someone with less than two years’ service?

Employees can only claim unfair dismissal if they have worked for a qualifying period – UNLESS they’re claiming for an automatically unfair reason

Although this suggests it can be easier to dismiss with less than 2 years’ service – contracts of employment and disciplinary processes should be checked before any decision is made and it’s always good practice to follow a fair process.

Can I easily change someone’s working hours or shifts?

Some contracts of employment contain a variation clause that can allow an employer to make changes to a contract of employment. The wording of the clause, as well as the change you would like to make, should be taken into account to decide whether the variation clause would be applicable in the specific situation.

For example, it could not be used if it would be a breach of the implied term of ‘trust and confidence’ – for example, because the change was unreasonable or being introduced without notice.

Usually, an employer needs an agreement to change a contractual term, it is always good practice to have a full consultation with the affected employee(s). An agreement can often be reached following an open discussion. 

Remember if there is a recognised union on site there may be collective agreements in place and a specific process that should be followed.

How long do I have to keep employee training records for?

Training records are important to show the competence of an employee. In general, CIPD recommends that employers keep training records for 6 years after the employee has left employment – in case of any claims. In some cases it may be considered important to keep certain specific training records for much longer (for example, medical records containing details of employees exposed to asbestos and medical examination certificates) Employers should remain mindful of their obligations under GDPR. 

Do I have to allow an employee time off for jury service?

Yes – you must allow an employee time off if they are called up to serve on a jury, however, you can ask your employee to try to delay their jury service, if you have reason to believe that their absence would have a serious negative impact on your business. They’ll need a letter from you explaining why. You cannot discriminate against your employee for going on jury service.

Can I make my employee do overtime?

You can only make your employee work overtime if the contract states so. Even if it does, employees cannot be forced to work more than 48 hrs per week. (Note: employees can “OPT” to work more than 48hrs per week – but this agreement must be in writing. ) Ref: Working Time Directive 1998.

Do I have to allow my employee holiday?

No, you are allowed to refuse or cancel a leave request. In the general case, this must be done with a notice equal to the amount of leave requested, plus 1 day. (i.e. if an employee requests 5 days annual leave, you must give at least 6 days’ notice of refusal/cancellation).

NOTE: If the contract says something different about the notice a worker or employer should give, what’s in the contract will apply.


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Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR consultancy, we will transform people’s problems into solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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