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Empower your employees and drive business growth

Make the most of your internal talent and facilitate growth within your organisation to maximise productivity, motivation and satisfaction across the board with the help of our employee engagement consultancy service. We work with you to unlock your employees’ potential with bespoke coaching, training and development to build a strong business culture that makes a positive impact on your bottom line.

Our team of experienced engagement consultants have partnered with dozens of businesses across the UK for more than two decades. Our holistic service takes your unique requirements to construct a robust, customised and strategic engagement plan that drives results for your organisation.

How Our Engagement Consultants Can Help

With over two decades of experience, our team of accomplished engagement consultants can help you connect with your in-house talent to increase your growth potential and achieve a higher productivity.

Here’s how we do it:

Strategic Planning

We assign a dedicated HR Consultant to work with you and build a bespoke strategy for your employee engagement. From reviewing existing structures and practices to implementing new techniques to match your business values, our HR experts create a flexible plan adapted to the size, budget and requirements of your organisation.

Executive Coaching

Our employee engagement consultancy service focuses on your specific needs to drive better results. We believe that you, as the business leader, are the key to the success of your engagement strategy, so we tailor our approach to your vision. We are here to guide you and advise you on how to elevate your management practices and promote your ideal organisational culture from within.

Audience Engagement

Building audience engagement into the foundation of your internal process is essential to the sustainability of your success. This is why we work to ensure your employees are committed to the business culture from the moment they enter the organisation by reviewing and improving your recruitment and on-boarding procedures, as well as your internal policies.

Learning and Development

We help you facilitate personal growth within your company through bespoke learning and training programmes designed to fit the needs of your employees. Whether it’s developing leadership skills, improving communication or undergoing performance management coaching, our engagement consultants will find the best way to align your employees’ unique strengths and ambitions with the requirements of your wider business goals and increase retention rates.

Employee engagement consultancy


What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a business strategy focused on providing your employees with the tools, support and conditions they need to develop, feel valued and perform their best every day.

Why is employee engagement important?

Having an engaged workforce committed to your business values ensures better retention rates, higher productivity and a sustainable increase in your profits.

Why do I need an employee engagement consultant?

Working with a dedicated employee engagement consultancy allows you to benefit from a bespoke approach tailored to your business and get an expert’s insight into how to improve the existing organisational culture at its foundation.

How much does your employee engagement consultancy service cost?

At Clover HR, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, so our bespoke consultancy packages are tailored to match both your needs and your budget. Speak to us to get a quote.

Why Clover HR?

Choosing the right employee engagement consultancy provider is the first step to creating future leaders within your organisation and achieving a motivated workforce.

Working with Clover HR, you can benefit from:


More than two decades of industry experience in HR consultancy


Bespoke consultancy packages tailored to your needs


A dedicated engagement consultant for your business


Cost-effective solutions to fit your budget

Want to learn more about our employee engagement consultancy service and how our engagement consultants can help you improve your employees’ performance?

Contact Clover HR today and start your change journey with a HR Health Check for your organisation.

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Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR consultancy, we will transform people’s problems into solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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