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Market-leading Employment Tribunal Case Management Service

Clover HR offers a market-leading employment tribunal service and case management to UK businesses of all sizes. We understand that being taken to an employment tribunal can be a stressful, time-consuming and costly experience, so we provide you with the expert support you need to successfully face the challenges of employment tribunal case management.

Your dedicated HR Business Consultant will be by your side throughout the entire process, assisting you with everything necessary – regardless of complexity – to ensure that the legal advice and guidance you receive is to the very best of standards.

Applying a top-down approach, we will also revisit your HR policies and processes so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your HR practices are entirely compliant with UK employment law. This allows us to prevent employment tribunal cases in the future and mitigate employment disputes before they escalate into expensive litigation.

Clover HR’s Employment Tribunal Services

Our employment tribunal case management services are designed to offer you the support and guidance you need to achieve a positive outcome in challenging circumstances. Our expert HR Business Consultants can help you by:

  • Providing step-by-step guidance of each stage of the tribunal process, including preliminary hearing processes
  • Communicating with the Employment Tribunal and/or Acas on your behalf
  • Gathering all relevant documents, including your ET3 form, evidence and witness statements
  • Facilitating the exchange of all relevant information and documents
  • Preparing a counter schedule of loss
  • Representing you at the Employment Tribunal

Benefits of Choosing Clover

Helping You Avoid An Employment Tribunal

Being taken to an employment tribunal can have a significant cost, in terms of money, time and reputation. This is why, here at Clover HR, we work towards avoiding employment tribunal cases where possible by providing one-to-one guidance and advice.

We also offer a HR Healthcheck service that allows us to understand your business better and ensure that your HR processes and practices are up to date. Your dedicated expert HR Business Consultant will ensure your company is protected and legally compliant by reviewing all your fundamental documents, including:

– Your employer and employee handbooks
– Your contracts of employment
– Your disciplinary and grievance policies and processes

We can also offer additional employment tribunal resources and employment policy resources  to boost your confidence in dealing with employment-related problems. 

Working with Clover HR

We assist your business in avoiding employment tribunal proceedings and will also guide you through the employment tribunal process if needed. By choosing our employment tribunal services you can benefit from:

Dedicated HR Consultant

We value every client, so your businesses will work under the expert guidance of a dedicated HR Business Consultant who will be there to assist you with your employment tribunal case management, as well as any other HR-related queries you may have.

Reliable HR Advice

With over 250 years of experience under our belt, our team of HR experts can provide bespoke advice to the needs of your business, meaning you benefit from reliable employment tribunal services and employment advice whenever you need it.

HR Healthcheck

We deliver a comprehensive HR service by revising and improving your key documents and processes, to bring positive change at every level of your organisation. It all begins with a HR HealthCheck.

5* Customer Service

We are committed to offering a five-star customer experience to all our clients. By working together with Clover HR, you have the peace of mind to know you are working with HR experts who have your best interests at heart.

If you would like to take advantage of our Employment Tribunal Services, please get in touch with Clover HR today. Let’s get started working together with a HR Health Check for your organisation.

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What are the grounds for an employment tribunal?

Employment tribunals are legal procedures stemming from employee disputes and they are commonly related to:

  • Discrimination
  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair dismissal
What is early conciliation?

In some cases, the conflict can be resolved before your case gets escalated to the employment tribunal, using the ACAS Early Conciliation Service. It provides the opportunity for both parties – the employer and employee – to communicate their issues concerning employment law, in a neutral setting, with an employment law expert present in proceedings.

As there are strict time limits in relation to when an employee can bring forward an employment tribunal case – typically within three months of dismissal – the application of an early conciliation certificate can affect the time limits.

How is an employment tribunal decision reached?

Though employment tribunals can decide by a majority vote, they are commonly reached unanimously by the tribunal panel. When the employment tribunal hearing has concluded, there will either be an announcement of a verdict or reserve the right to issue a verdict at a later date, in writing. Written judgements are published on the Employment Tribunals website as soon as they are made.

Who pays for the cost of the employment tribunal?

As a general rule, both the employer and the employee are responsible for paying their own costs, including legal fees, professional advice and expert witnesses. However, in some cases, the tribunal may rule that the losing party must pay part or all of the costs of the opposing party.

What are the penalties if my business loses the employment tribunal case?

If the employment tribunal decides to rule in favour of the claimant/employee, your business will be charged with a penalty, the minimum will be £100 and the maximum is £5,000.

If the tribunal finds that you, the employer, have breached the rights of an employee – where there are found to be “one or more aggravating features” – further financial penalties can be attributed.

For example, according to the Ministry of Justice the average/maximum awards for the 2019/2020 period for cases relating to discrimination and unfair dismissal claims were:

  • Age discrimination: £39,000 (average)
  • Disability discrimination: £266,000 (maximum)
  • Unfair dismissal: £10,800 (average) and £188,800 (maximum)

Turning to employment tribunal services experts, such as Clover HR, can massively reduce the chance for such cases to be brought against your business, as we will take all necessary steps to resolve the issue before it escalates.

When can I appeal an employment tribunal decision?

If you are not satisfied with a decision made by the employment tribunal you may be able to appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). You could have grounds for an appeal if one of the below reasons is true:

  • The employment tribunal did not apply the correct law/s
  • The employment tribunal interpreted the law incorrectly
  • The employment tribunal did not have sufficient evidence to support a decision
  • The employment tribunal and their decision was unfairly prejudiced or biased
  • The correct procedures were not followed

If you need advice on whether you have grounds for appeal at an employment tribunal, speak to Clover HR for advice today.



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