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HR Services for Accountants

When managing your workforce and meeting with your clients to handle their needs, the last thing you should be worried about is HR issues and low productivity. It is an unnecessary stress pulling you away from critical tasks that need your full attention. 

At Clover HR, we handle all those little details so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. When you choose our HR service for accountants, you receive a partner that organises your documents, structures performance reviews, helps you hire new employees and most importantly protects your business.

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Do you need HR support?

Sometimes, businesses are hesitant to use HR services as they often don’t know whether they can benefit.
If you are unsure, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you lose staff easily? 
  • Are you struggling to manage your company files?
  • Have you got policies to protect your company?
  • Do you struggle to recruit new talent?
  • Can you offer your employees training and role progression?
  • Is managing your team stressful?

 If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then our HR services may be right for you. We are here to help you optimise your business and boost your profits.

How We Support Businesses

We tailor all our HR services to meet your unique needs and systems. We can help you:

Monitor Performance

Monitoring and encouraging performance and productivity will grow your business and deliver higher profits. By implementing review and training processes, you can cultivate a growth environment that increases your revenue.

Organise Documents

Necessary legal documents are difficult to create and maintain. Our HR specialists remove all the doubt and take care of everything. Whether you need new employment contracts, employee handbooks or company policies, we can draft them to protect your business.

Recruit Qualified Team Members

Recruitment drives are tough. You can often feel like you will never find someone with the right qualifications and experience. When you choose us, our proactive recruiters scour the market to uncover the right people so that you only see the best candidates. Plus, we handle every aspect of onboarding, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

Streamline Your Business Structure

Unfortunately, management systems can impede productivity. We can audit your current structures, explain how they interact and then recommend the best ways to make the most of your options and give your team room to thrive.

Encourage Diversity

Promoting diversity is a pivotal aspect of the modern working world as it encourages a variety of skills and creative minds to solve the problems you face daily. It’s at the heart of our service, and we will do everything to help you embrace different backgrounds and experiences.

Protect Your Company

When problems arise between employees, expert HR support significantly decreases the stress of resolving them. We create policies to effectively combat and resolve disputes without risking your reputation. We even offer market-leading support for employment tribunal cases to keep your company safe if the worst ever occurs. 

Manage Absences

Tracking your employee’s sick absences and annual leave ensures that your business will always work at full capacity. We can explain your responsibilities and provide adequate systems to help you manage absence so you can always deliver for your clients.

Develop Team Leaders

Career progression and leadership development are crucial to allow your business to grow. We can give you the tools to encourage progress and run successful training programmes to expand your employees’ skill sets and embrace development.

Cultivate a Beneficial Workplace

When we combine all these different services and optimisations, you receive a happy, healthy working environment that fuels your teams and grows your business. We promote increased productivity and profits.

Why Choose Us?

What works for one business will not necessarily work for another, so we create a bespoke service plan for every client. Investing our time in learning about your business is crucial for this tailored service. We discover your systems and cultures and identify your needs so we can effectively combat these issues.

With us, you receive a partner who will always be there for you to adapt to any challenges. We work as an extension of your business and learn and record everything required to help you overcome HR issues.

As part of this partnership, we provide a dedicated CIPD-qualified HR professional from our 36-person strong team. They will always be your first point of contact to manage your company’s health and implement our tailored strategy.

We let our past successes speak for us. Our clients can explain it best; read their testimonials to learn how they benefit from our services.

What our clients say…

Explore our latest Google Reviews!

John Moody
John Moody
Clover HR acted for a member of my family on an employment matter. The communication throughout the process was first class and a very fair settlement was agreed with the employer on our behalf. We would recommend Clover HR without hesitation.
Daryl Gordon
Daryl Gordon
Clover HR have been a great support for us as we grow, and couldn't reccomend them enough for SME HR support.
Odyssey NewMedia
Odyssey NewMedia
We were recommended to Clover HR by a client and we've been really pleased with the service provided. They've helped us review and update all of our HR documentation, contracts as well as providing invaluable advice and support when it comes to interviewing and hiring new staff members. We would recommend Clover HR to anyone needing HR services.
Wendy Toon
Wendy Toon
We recently used two Clover HR Consultants to help us through a busy period. They instantly felt like they were part of the team, Did any task we asked of them efficiently and with effectively. We would definitely work with them again. Thank you Clover HR for your support.
Andrea Burns
Andrea Burns
I can not recommend Clover HR highly enough and their unfaltering support through an extremely difficult and challenging time for me. The excellent advice and support that I received from Michael and Lynn was second to none, they were incredibly fast at replying to any queries or concerns and extremely helpful and friendly at all times. Even now that my situation has come to a close, I received a message from Michael checking how I am which is indicative of the level of support that this company give. Clover HR are a 5 star company that I will most certainly be recommending to all my clients moving forward.
Cc Vs
Cc Vs
Very kind and informed, super quick and helpful! Thank you!
Francesca Sharp
Francesca Sharp
Michael was very fast at replying to my query and gave excellent feedback and professional support, allowing me to understand my rights and the law as an employee, so I could take the relevant next steps needed.
Mia S
Mia S
I was very pleased with Clover HR for their very quick response to my employment issue and helpful, thorough and supportive guidance provided.
Adam Wright
Adam Wright
Very very helpful and will help me resolve my work issues for sure. Would highly recommend for help and advice in the further, Keep up the good work.
Heather Jevons
Heather Jevons
Would highly recommend Clover. Michael was extremely helpful and friendly. The advise I received over the last fortnight has helped me through a really difficult time. Genuine impartial advise, very professional and couldn’t have done it without you. Huge thanks again-especially to the lovely Michael Doolin x



Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR consultancy, we will transform people’s problems into solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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To experience the benefits of our expert HR services for accountants, contact our friendly team. We are happy to help in any way, will answer all your questions and explain how we optimise your HR systems to boost your profits.

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