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Employer Guides

Welcome to Clover HR’s newly created Employer Guides page, a series of useful guides created for you as an employer to download FREE of charge.

Absence Management

An Employers Guide to absence management. Includes why employees take time off, the impact of having an absence issue, the absence management policy and much more.


Understanding TUPE

An guide for employers to help them understand what is TUPE and the rules surrounding it.



Employers Guide to Brexit, this guide covers all that you need to know as an employer, from managing employees who are EU citizens, to recruiting within the EU.


Carrying Out Investigations

An Employers Guide on the correct way to carry out an investigation.


When to Discipline an Employee

An Employers Guide on When and How to discipline an employee.


Top Tips to Avoid Tribunals

An Employers Guide to avoiding Employment Tribunals. As Employment Tribunals never benefit an employer, our guide contains tips on how to avoid them.


How to Manage Redundancies Effectively

An Employers Guide to managing redundancies effectively and efficiently.


Maternity Leave Rights

An Employers Guide to their employees maternity leave rights.


Job Description Changes

An Employers Guide on how to change an employees job description.


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