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Clover HR recognises the additional challenges faced by employers operating in the Third Sector. Committed to making real change, whilst frequently operating within restrictive funding regimes and tightly regulated environments, charities and not-for-profit organisations need to focus on delivery and impact.

Leaders must meet the needs of clients, service users, donors, commissioners and standards agencies while managing teams that are often diverse and demanding. Clover HR appreciates the heightened sense of purpose of employees and volunteers within the sector who expect a values-driven approach allied to supportive and committed leadership.

Here at Clover HR, we understand that it can be challenging to balance the need to provide high-quality HR services, as well as attempting to make a difference and create real change in the world. Our HR services are designed to answer the specific challenges posed by the sector, offering reliable and timely support to non-profit organisations and charities across the UK.

Delivering superb HR consultancy services

How Clover HR Can Help Non-profits and Charities

Clover HR will provide your leadership teams with the expertise to deal with the multitude of HR issues that arise when employees are pushing hard to deliver essential services. We will give your organisation the leeway and flexibility to focus on the real work: helping the vulnerable, safeguarding, raising awareness, fundraising and making a difference.


Guidance on attendance, disciplinary, dismissal, grievance and appeals procedures as well as employment tribunal representation


Development of performance management processes that are suited to the Third Sector and its value-driven approach


Developing and maintaining fit for purpose pay & reward structures – pay systems / job evaluation/ benchmarking / payroll management


Leave processing: annual leave, sickness, flexible working requests, compassionate leave and parental leave.


Specialist HR consultation at your convenience: via email, telephone or face-to-face meetings


Workplace assessments and hybrid working guidance


Advising on legal and compliance via our experts


Health and Safety advice and assistance to ensure compliance


Support for employees tasked with volunteer management and mentoring

Clover HR – Delivering Results That Matter

Charities and non-profit organisations face many sensitive issues, challenges and regulatory requirements: internally and externally. Clover HR can streamline many such issues via the implementation of tried-and-tested HR support for the Third Sector including:

DBS Checks & Disclosures

Clover HR can support you with advice and guidance on the necessary DBS checks required for each role and ensure that the depth and the level of disclosure are appropriate for the work being undertaken. [Note: DBS checks and disclosures are free for volunteers, those for paid employees are not.]

Vetting of Professionals Who Work With Children & Vulnerable Adults

You must ensure that those most at risk are thoroughly protected: deep vetting of education and care staff will identify those individuals unsuitable for care work or even potentially dangerous.

Incident Reporting and Write-Ups

The Charity Commission can impose severe sanctions and penalties on charities that fail to report incidents, including enforcing operational restrictions. Clover HR can ensure that your company adheres to the guidelines of the Charity Commission.

Rights and Reimbursements for Volunteers

Though volunteers are not paid for the time they give to your organisation, they are entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred under the aims of the charity, including:

  • Appropriate work clothing
  • Equipment costs
  • Travel
  • Food and drink

The Benefits of Outsourced HR Support

Outsourcing your HR and administrative tasks by partnering with Clover HR will empower your teams via newfound organisational flexibility and adaptability.

Clover HR offers market-leading, HR services for the Third Sector that aims to make dealing with all HR-related issues and challenges as smooth as possible.

Our outsourced HR packages are designed with organisations similar to your own in mind: influenced, in part, by real-world, tangible data gathered from working with other charities and their feedback. Each process, training program, workplace template and administrative task has been designed and revised to accommodate the needs and requirements of your work.

Our Experience in the Non-Profit Sector

We have extensive sector experience delivering outsourced HR and administration services to non-profit organisations and charities, working extensively with companies such as Cure Leukaemia, Groundwork, the Heart of England Community Foundation, Legacy WM and Comhaltas Britain, to name but a few. 

A number of our team have built their careers within the Third Sector and appreciate what is needed to support you.

Why Partner With Clover HR?

Trusted by charities and non-profit organisations across the UK for outsourced HR and administration, Clover HR delivers where it counts so that you can focus your work and resources on the things that matter most: your clients and service users.

The purpose of Clover HR is to add true value via the implementation of modern HR and administration practices. As an industry leader which is committed to excellence but never resting on its laurels – always striving to innovate – we fundamentally believe that we should always do the right thing: let us help you do the same.

Our approach and packages grant access to software, administration resources, industry templates and real-time advice at no extra cost to our regular service subscription.

Should you need more information about our HR support services for the Third Sector, or if you wish to book a free HR Health Check, please contact Clover HR.



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what our clients say

“When my colleague and I first met with Clover HR to discuss our requirements, their passion for Clover HR shone through! They were interested to learn about us and our work as a charity. We felt that Clover HR offered a more personable approach and an appointed HR Business Partner meant that we had a single point of contact who would understand the Foundation and to build a relationship with. Thank you for your support to date – we’re looking forward to develop our working relationship!”

Heart of England Community Foundation

“We have been with Clover for just over two years, and they have taken a lot of stress off our shoulders. We are not trained HR specialised and in spite of our best efforts, we were getting things wrong because of the ever changing legal landscape of employing people. We have found them to be very supportive and professional in their approach and would highly recommend them.”

Legacy West Midlands

“We are a Birmingham based charity who have been working with CLOVER HR since 2019, they have taken hours out of many laborious exercises, and given helpful templates for new policies and procedures.  We have on occasions asked and received promptly up to date advice on delicate HR issues, but don’t feel as though we are being hounded by emails, but have the reassurance of their guidance when needed”.

Birmingham Irish Association


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