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Complimentary HR Health check for all SME businesses

You wouldn’t skip your MOT, so why would you skip your businesses HR Health check?

With the ever-changing landscapes that we operate in, it is essential that in order to remain both competitive and compliant, you have the fundamentals in place.

From basic legislative requirements to employee benefits and performance management, our HR Health check uses a series of detailed questions to audit and evaluate your current HR policies and procedures against key areas of UK Employment Legislation, including both current and upcoming.

What does the hr health check look at?




Contracts of Employment


Pay and Benefits


Working Time Regulations


Performance Management

Benefits of choosing Clover

Fixing your people problems

We have helped a number of organisations understand their current HR landscape, identifying crucial areas for improvement and developing targeted action plans to quickly and effectively rectify any challenges.

With recent changes to legislation including the April changes, Right to Work checks and the ongoing obligations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, understanding your current HR strengths and challenges allows you to tackle any issues proactively, helping you stay up to date, compliant and one step ahead of the competition

One of our experienced HR Consultants will work closely with you, and your team to complete the Healthcheck. We will then provide you with a comprehensive feedback report recommending areas for review.

Give yourself peace of mind and give your Business a clean bill of health.

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HR Health check FAQ’S

What will happen during my hr health check?

During your health check we will take you through a number of areas in order to identify any gaps in compliance. This will include, for example, policies & procedures, performance management, and Employee terms & conditions. We will then write you a report on our findings that is personal to your business, and recommend ways in which you can address your compliance gaps.

How long will the health check take?

This will vary from business to business and will depend on the size and what you have in place already. Usually, the health check will take no longer than a couple of hours.

Why is HR important in a business?

HR is important in a business as not only do you need to comply with Employment Law, but a HR Professional can support you in ensuring that the way in which you structure your organisation and how you manage and engage your people, is done in the best way to deliver your organisational strategy/objectives.

Is HR compulsory in a business?

Whilst it’s not compulsory to have an in-house HR Professional, there are certain documents that are compulsory for any business employing people, such as a Contract of Employment. Clover HR can help ensure that you have all the relevant legal documents in place and that you are compliant with Employment Law.

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