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Coaching Services

With over 25+ years of combined experience, our specialist HR Consultants at Clover HR can help senior team members unlock their potential through coaching. With our specialised coaching services, your managers will have the opportunity to enhance a variety of key leadership skills, ranging from emotional intelligence, resilience and stronger communication to self-awareness and motivation.


From executive coaching to bespoke consultations, our leadership development services are designed to facilitate the growth of your employees within the business, allowing them to surpass their expectations and become the business leaders of the future.


Leadership Development Coaching

In today’s world, companies are having to constantly evolve and adapt to remain ahead of the competition. With fast-advancing technology and alternative working methods and practices, organisations are having to become increasingly more acceptable to change. However, employees often get left behind. A constantly changing environment requires everyone to have the confidence and resilience to maintain their performance.

Leadership development coaching allows all employees to heighten their skillset, continually delivering and achieving organisational goals. Through development coaching, they are able to understand and feel able to negotiate the new challenge they now face. By recognising the new competencies required and preparing them for this challenge, these coaching sessions allow your employees to maintain their momentum.

Evolve and adapt your business

Leadership and Management Skills Training

Our expert-led leadership and management skills training look to get your employees ahead of the competition, enhancing their current skill set while focusing on:







At Clover HR, we deliver leadership development coaching through one-to-one executive coaching, focusing on authentic leadership and transformational leadership.


The Focus of Our Leadership Training Sessions…

Authentic Leadership

The most significant challenge leaders in your workplace face is authenticity. With modern developments in working practices and culture, leadership recommendations and techniques of old are not always appropriate now. Instead, leaders have to contend with the pressure of looking inside to establish their own leadership style.

At Clover HR, our leadership consultants and mentors are experienced in supporting this process. With their help your employees can discover their own authentic leadership style, enabling them to continue to reach their potential. Our sessions help each individual incorporate their own drive, performance and role into their leadership through executive coaching sessions and personalised goals.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is a crucial part of leadership development coaching. To meet and exceed their potential, employees may need to transform their current skill set to unlock their occupational capabilities. How we feel and respond to the challenges we face, directly impacts our perspective and, consequently, our performance. As an organisation continually adapts and grows, employees are further challenged to keep up as paradigms move.

Our one-to-one transformational leadership coaching allows employees to reflect personally and practically on their potential and performance. Through advanced coaching skills, they are encouraged to access ways to manage these limits, discovering a higher potential. Transformational leadership is renowned worldwide for its ability to empower employees to self-transform through ‘conscious’ leadership methods.

As your employees grow and transform, so can your organisation. Their personal development through leadership development coaching can be extremely worthwhile to your business’s overall potential.

Why Clover HR?

At Clover HR, we offer a leadership development coaching service delivered by an experienced team of HR experts with over 25 years within the industry. Tailored to the needs of your business and the employee, our bespoke approach to coaching ensures your talent gets the best results.

By choosing to work with us, you are guaranteed:


Leadership development experts with 25+ years of combined experience


Tailor-made coaching plans for your employees


Dedicated Business Coach for your organisation


One-to-one coaching sessions for a better outcome

If you would like more information about leadership development coaching and more detail regarding our services, contact Clover HR today. Your business can also benefit from a free HR Health Check.

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To be outstanding, trusted people advisors and partners to business everyday

Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR support, we will transform people problems to solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.

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