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Business & HR Support, HR Consultancy Services, HR Solutions, Coaching Staff Recruitment & Training & More. *information that details more about services provided in location**


HR Support & Advice

Navigating you through treacherous seas.


Employee Engagement

Helping you go above and beyond with your team


Interim & Consultancy

Adding value from day one


Recruitment & Selection

Selecting the right fish in the sea


Business Coaching

Maximising you and your teams potential


Business Training

The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Your People

YOUR LOCAL hr specialists

Providing Expert Support to businesses across Northamptonshire

With an expert outsourced HR Consultancy at your hands, you can now focus on the growth of your business while we take care of all the HR stress. Helping small, medium or large businesses in and around Northampton, Clover HR is dedicated to providing the right HR Advice and Support for the development of your business.


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Why choose our HR Consultants in Northampton

From tailored HR strategies, support and solutions to Coaching, training and staff recruitment, the team behind Clover HR can help your business in various ways:


  • Professional HR Consultants ready to tackle any issues
  • Focus on your business while we manage any of your HR problems
  • When choosing an HR Consultancy, you lower the costs associated with running an entire HR department
  • We tailor specific strategy so that you can be more efficient and save time
  • Being up-to-date all the time in regards to the latest legal changes

Join the hundreds of happy Business from across the midlands


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“I met Michael several months ago. I was really impressed with how he was able, within a short space of time, to ‘get under the skin’ of our company, understand what we are about and identify potential issues. Since then, he has advised us on a couple of potentially tricky HR problems with good results for all concerned. Great to know such an experienced Corporate HR professional that understands and can advise in the SME environment. Highly recommended!”

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“We have run our successful Bridal Wear company for almost 12 years and now really don’t know how we’ve managed without Clover HR and in particular Emma, who’s been key in bringing calm back into our business. Along with other HR consultants within the Clover Group, Emma has dealt with some of the most difficult of situations and our only regret is that we hadn’t used this amazing company before.”


Our Mission

To be outstanding, trusted people advisors and partners to business everyday

Through honest, focused, responsive and innovative HR support, we will transform people problems to solutions, enabling our clients to be employers of choice with an engaged and motivated workforce.