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Diversify your workplace

Improve the performance of your business and establish a positive company reputation within your community with the help of Clover HR’s diversity consulting services. With two decades of experience under our belt, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to create a bespoke diversity strategy for your organisation and ensure that inclusion best practices are implemented successfully.

Our HR consultants work with a wide range of clients in the UK across multiple industries to launch D&I initiatives and programmes in the workplace. We are here to provide professional guidance and advice so you can benefit from a motivated workforce that drives growth, by building diversity into the long-term development of your organisation.

How We Help You Achieve Diversity

In today’s world, nearly a third of all job seekers (32%) would not even consider applying for a position where the potential employer doesn’t show commitment to diversity. Our diversity consulting services are designed to help your business transform to attract and retain the best talent on the market, facilitating commercial growth.

Here’s how we do it:

Diversity HR strategy

We ensure that your diversity and inclusion goals are achieved by crafting a bespoke diversity strategy with clear goals and objectives. We start by discussing your vision so we can create a plan for reviewing, improving or renewing your current HR practices, policies and procedures to secure the results you are hoping to achieve.

Diversity recruitment

Our specialist recruitment team offers advice and guidance on how to improve your recruitment procedures to ensure that diversity is at the core of your organisation. We help you draw in and retain the best talent in line with the leading inclusivity standards.

Inclusive leadership development

Our holistic approach to diversity consulting promotes change that starts from the top. To help you create a truly inclusive business, we train the current and future leaders in your organisation to champion diversity best practices from within.

Diversity training & coaching

Any successful D&I initiative requires people at all levels of the organisation to be invested in the process. Our diversity consultants provide a range of diversity coaching and training solutions to give all your employees the skills and knowledge they need to reinforce and support your company’s evolution.

Change management & implementation

As your business adapts to a new D&I direction, your personal diversity consultant will be by your side to offer all the expert support you need to successfully manage the implementation of your diversity strategy. We are with you every step of the way.

Diversity consulting services


Why are diversity and inclusion important in the workplace?

According to the CIPD, implementing D&I initiatives is an important part of effective employee management and paves the road to a positive company culture where people feel valued, allowing them to perform better and deliver great results.

In fact, a report by McKinsey has shown that diversity can increase productivity by 35%, while a recent survey by Glassdoor found that 76% of job seekers value a commitment to diversity in potential employers.

How to achieve diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Achieving diversity in the workplace starts with building internal practices and values that promote inclusivity. Once you have built a positive culture inside your organisation, it should also be reflected in your relationships with clients and external partners.

The next step is to take part in social initiatives as a brand to spread awareness of the diversity and inclusion values your organisation represents. Adopting a holistic approach at all levels ensures consistency in your D&I message and its application.

How can diversity consulting help?

When it comes to introducing new diversity practices in your business, you may struggle to find the right way to approach the topic. Having a professional HR diversity consultant devise a strategy for you and guide you through its implementation streamlines the process and improves your chances of successfully embracing positive change.

Why Clover HR?

At Clover HR, we apply an adaptable, holistic approach to D&I and we work with you to provide a bespoke diversity consulting service that delivers tangible results.

Choosing to partner with us guarantees that you benefit from:


Over two decades of experience in D&I consulting


Flexible service offering tailored to your needs


Dedicated HR consultant for your organisation


Diversity planning for sustainable long-term results

Interested in our diversity consulting services? Speak to the Clover HR team today to learn more and schedule your free HR Health Check with one of our expert HR consultants.

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