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The HR demands in the distribution & logistics sector can be as complicated and treacherous as the roads drivers call home. Clover HR’s consultants for the distribution industry can help you manage the complexity of the people issues associated with the supply chain.

From handling recruitment in such a competitive labour marketplace, to dealing with employees’ absence, organisational structure and competencies to deliver the businesses agenda, we offer market-leading HR support at affordable prices. 

With specialist knowledge within the context of the operators’ licence and other industry-specific areas, Clover HR has the capability to support your logistics and distribution business with timely and appropriate advice or direct support.

Delivering superb HR consultancy services

Areas Clover HR Can Help

Clover’s HR consultants for distribution and transport can assist you with all key aspects of your HR needs, delivering transformative processes whilst adding value and agility to your business. 


Leadership and management skills.


Transferring employees following acquisitions and mergers (TUPE).


Restructuring and redundancy.


Drafting employment contracts for all categories of workers.


People related policies and procedures.


Advising on settlement agreements and dispute resolution.


Defending employment tribunal claims.


Long-term sickness absence advice


Working hours, working conditions, obligations of all parties, paid leave.


IR35 and compliance with the working time regulations as they apply to mobile workers


Hybrid working and COVID 19 people management related issues.


Ensure health & safety best practices are implemented to achieve regulatory compliance

Employee licence checks to ensure that all drivers have in-date, valid licences and permits

What to Expect From Working With Clover HR

In working with businesses such as DPD and DHL, our specialist HR consultants for the distribution, transport and logistics sector have experience in dealing with industry-specific issues, such as underpayment, increased legislation and environmental changes. We can add value either through our own direct experience or through key strategic alliances and partnerships with specialists who have the knowledge and experience required.

Our HR services are designed to relieve some of the pressure that currently sits on the desk of your in-house management team.

  • HR transport best practices tailored to your business needs 
  • HR consultants available for advice immediately 
  • Competitively priced solutions 
  • Decades of combined industry expertise on your side

If you require further details of HR consultancy for distribution or would like to book a HR Healthcheck, please contact Clover HR today.

Our Expert HR Consultancy Service

Experts at offering professional, dedicated and flexible HR solutions and services to highly-regulated industries, Clover HR have the expertise to deliver holistic services packages that are bespoke to the needs of your business and the challenges of your industry.

We offer a complete HR service package, including:

  • Automation – save company time via the automation of repetitive tasks and reduce the probability of human error
  • Best Practice – our HR process templates have been developed and revised based on real-world data collected from clients across the UK, ensuring that you have the best HR management strategies at your disposal
  • Encompassing, Centralised Data Management – our resource team can checklist important skills, key deadlines, certifications and legal requirements for your business in our HR database, at your request
  • Workplace HR Template Library – expert-directed HR templates, based on years of tangible data, available to you in ease-of-access libraries, amended to the unique challenges of your industry
  • Expert HR Support: Our HR consultants for distribution and logistics are available to offer advice & support when you need it most


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Distribution, logistics & transport


The following are all areas that require some specialist knowledge, often within the context of the operators’ licence, allowing timely and appropriate advice or direct support.

What induction is necessary for my warehouse staff?

New warehouse staff should go a comprehensive induction to cover essential information, including:

  • Their duties and responsibilities
  • Introduction to the team
  • Layout and facilities at the workplace
  • Health and safety policies and procedures
  • Fire safety information (fire exits, assembly point etc)
  • Details about the business – mission, values, policies
  • Any other rules and regulations that must be followed

Clover HR can help you create a comprehensive induction checklist and implement induction processes for new employees, be it in the warehouse workers, drivers or any other role in the distribution and logistics industry.

Do I need to rewrite my disciplinary procedure to encompass drivers’ hours’ infringements?

Drivers’ hours should be covered by the employee’s handbook and terms of employment. This should be done in a way that reflects the possibility of treating drivers’ hours’ infringements as gross misconduct. This should also be reflected in the disciplinary procedure documentation in case a disciplinary process is triggered.  

How does the working time directive apply to my mobile workers?

If your drivers will be transporting goods in the EU, they will be subject to the EU drivers’ hours rules and regulations. According to those, mobile workers must not exceed:

  • 48 hours per week on average over a period of 17 weeks
  • No more than 60 working hours in any given week
  • For a daily working hours total of 6-9 hours, at least a 30-minute rest break (can be taken as two 15-minute breaks)
  • For a daily working hours total of more than 9 hours, at least a 45-minute rest break (can be taken as two or three breaks of a minimum of 15 minutes)
  • If working overnight, there must be at least 10 hours of rest time in any 24-hour period (technical or organisational reasons can affect this).
Can I employ a driver on a casual basis and if so what rights do they have and what terms and conditions should they be issued with?

Yes, you can employ casual drivers on a zero-hour basis and they will be entitled to all statutory rights under their zero-hours contract. 

What do I need to know about employing a 17-year-old as a warehouse operative?

You are allowed to hire a 16 or 17-year old to work in a warehouse but young worker rules would apply to them those include:

  • No more than 8 working hours a day and 40 hours a week
  • If a working day is more than 4.5 hours, at least one 30-minute break is required 
  • Between two working days in any 24-hour period, they must have at least 12 hours’ break
  • 2 consecutive rest days (48 hours) taken each week 
  • If the above is not possible, then at least 36 hours together and the remaining 12, as soon as possible
How can I ensure that my data handling from depot and in-vehicle cameras (dashcams and cab cams) is GDPR compliant?

You must put in place a company dashcam/surveillance footage policy which includes:

  • Information on how the recordings will be used, stored and processed 
  • The length of time private data will be stored for (should never be longer than absolutely necessary)
  • Clear processing for communicating your dashcam policy to the drivers and other users 
  • Notification on the vehicle alerting the public to the fact that dashcams are in use
  • Tight policies for secure storage and access to all recorded footage
Can my driver be employed by someone else?

This depends on the conditions of employment. If the driver is self-employed and works for you on a casual basis, then they have the right to work for other businesses as well. 

If they have a permanent contract with your business, it would typically prevent them from working for other employers during the time they are working for your business.

My driver’s attendance is poor but I need to retain them. What can I do?

You could attempt to improve the driver’s attendance by:

  • Ensuring expectations regarding attendance are clear
  • Identifying the reasons for poor attendance
  • Providing incentives for better attendance
  • Implementing repercussions for poor attendance
What do I do about a driver who keeps having accidents?
  • You should always investigate each accident in a timely way following your internal procedures i.e. own fault accidents.
  • Always consider re-training as an option if appropriate. Evidence of such is key for effective management.
  • Be mindful that there may be different causes which include a range of issues that may be as a result of capability and/ or conduct issues.
  • Invoke the correct procedure and engage with an Occupational Health provider and Employee Assistance Programmes as necessary.
What information should I be collecting from my self-employed drivers?
  • Your self-employed drivers should provide you with information on the following:

    • Drivers hours and requirements for recording and reporting in line with appropriate rules and regulations (particularly if they are fulfilling a number of roles and contracts for different suppliers)
    • Evidence of licence checks, medical checks and continuous professional development/ training to meet the requirements of the operating licence and demonstrate the necessary competence of all workers regardless of their status.

    Be mindful of IR35 requirements. Any information you request must be in line with the requirements applicable to self-employed employees, regardless of their role.


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