Nutrition and Obesity e-book

Download our FREE e-book which aims to set out the latest research, while providing applicable lifestyle changes for the average individual.


The Drinks Industry: What are the Trends and the Regulations?

Download our FREE e-book which aims to explore the steadfast market leaders in the ever-evolving market and how rife competitors continue to rise to the top.


Guidance on the Skill Shortages within the IT Industry 

Download our e-book which contains support and advice on how businesses can overcome the talent shortages faced within the IT industry, taking a look at how to retain and develop key employees within your business but also how to attract new and diverse talent enabling businesses to grow and succeed.


The Education Sector: Pre and Post the Coronavirus Pandemic

Download our e-book which explores how the education sector has been affected in the UK. Over 90% of pupils’ education has been affected worldwide, due to closures of schools, colleges and universities caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus, according to Unesco (UN education body). What reaction did schools have? How serious are the implications of children missing months of their education? Did universities respond in the appropriate way? Is mental health being given the airtime it deserves, particularly under the given circumstances?


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