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Recruitment Company For The Education Sector

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Leading Recruitment Company For The Education Sector

Education is a crucial job sector that is fulfilling to work in. At CloverHR, our team of 28 CIPD-qualified experts makes us a specialist recruitment company for the education sector. We excel at providing a personal service that matches the attentive nature of teachers.

Finding new talent is challenging in an increasingly competitive market. When you partner with us, we work through this competition for you by searching every corner of the job market to find the best talent. Then we evaluate and screen every CV and put forward the best applicants. After you have chosen your newest team member, we take care of the entire onboarding process for you.

If you want to move into the education sector or progress your career, we can find your dream role. Our experts will talk to the hiring manager on your behalf to highlight your ability and then provide specialist interview support.

Who We Can Work With

Our experts excel at providing recruitment support for employees and candidates. Not to mention, we offer our service to any branch of the education industry, whether you are a primary school, university or apprenticeship provider. Plus, our services are nationwide, which means we can help you regardless of where in the UK you are based.

Roles We Specialise In

Our experts know the ins and outs of every position in the education sector, meaning that we can help you no matter what position you are looking to recruit or apply for. Here are some of the positions we have worked with in the past:

Teaching Staff

Student Service Specialists


Apprenticeship Directors

Faculty Directors

Principals, Deputy Principals and Vice Principals

Our Education Recruitment Process

We know you need to fill your open position quickly. So, we have created a simple process:

Initial Consultation

Every educational establishment is different, and we treat each one as an individual. We learn about your culture, staff and students to find new team members that will flourish.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Active Headhunting

Our dedicated team scours the job market to identify and recruit the best candidates. Then they screen each applicant’s CV and only show you the most qualified ones.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Interview Support

When working in a people-driven sector, we know that personality is everything and ensure you can learn everything about your candidates. We can finetune your interview process and even sit in on them to provide HR assistance.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Offering The Position

Whilst you focus on managing your educational establishment, we will make the job offer on your behalf and represent you in salary negotiations.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Onboarding Care

Our HR specialists manage the onboarding process by calling references, conducting the necessary background checks, sending out the offer letter and employment contract and structuring an induction period. All you need to do is find a class for your new hire to teach.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Why Employers Trust Our Education Recruitment

We have built a reputation as a leading recruitment company in the sector of education. All our clients receive:

A Committed Recruitment Partnership
By establishing ourselves as your recruitment partner, we streamline any further recruitment drives. We will already know everything about you and what you need, meaning we can quickly launch adverts and find new talented candidates.

Professional HR Support
Our team members are CIPD-qualified and can handle every necessary HR procedure when hiring new candidates, such as conducting background checks and calling references.

Thorough Candidate Headhunting
We commit to searching for candidates until you have made your hire. We pull from our huge network of existing connections and filter the market to uncover other candidates.

Impressive Track Record
Our past successes prove that our affordable recruitment service for the education sector helps employers. For previous clients, we have halved employee turnover rates and ensured they have a stable team of education staff.

How We Find Your Dream Education Role

When you’re looking for a new role, you want a recruiter that will provide a service tailored to your needs and interests. Our experts are always there for you; here is how they find your dream role:

Bespoke Job Match

To find a job you will love and thrive in, we take the time to learn about your skills and passions. Then we provide vacancies that match this information and clearly explain every element of the advertised position so you can decide whether to apply.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Liaising With Hiring Managers

We contact hiring managers for you and emphasise your skillset to show them that you are the ideal candidate.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Interview Practice

Interviews are often uncomfortable and difficult. We offer comprehensive interview preparation and practice, guiding you towards a successful interview.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Post-Interview Support

We support you as you move into your new position with HR advice, industry knowledge and insider tips to help you settle in.
January 01, 2021
12 AM

Create An Impressive CV

Your CV is your first impression, so it should highlight your ability. Our additional CV optimisation service can help you tailor your CV and LinkedIn profile to your dream role and industry to stand out to any hiring managers.

Why Candidates Trust Us

Our team can help you find your dream educational role. You can expect:

Attentive Support
Navigating a job search and interview process alone is a struggle. Our recruiters are available anytime you need us with detailed advice to help you find and secure your ideal position.

Bespoke Service
To help you, we tailor all our services to your needs. Our experts learn about your interests and experience and listen to your concerns to match you with a role that will inspire you every day.

Constructive Advice
With our wealth of experience helping hundreds of candidates settle into dream roles, we know the pivotal aspects of getting hired. We will provide friendly, constructive feedback with actionable insights and tips that will boost your success chances.

Past Success
Our experienced, CIPD-qualified partners have been recruiting in the education sector for years and help job seekers find new positions every day, so you can rely on their expertise to drive your career forward.

Partner With Us Today

If you are looking for recruitment companies for the education sector, contact our specialists and they will offer a walk-through of our recruitment and HR services. We can start your recruitment process today.

Our Locations

Whilst we have physical locations in Birmingham, Worcestershire, London, Manchester and Cardiff, we provide education recruitment throughout the UK and beyond. No matter where you are, we can help you hire crucial new team members. Or we easily facilitate your job search to relocate.

I met Michael several months ago. I was really impressed with how he was able, within a short space of time, to ‘get under the skin’ of our company, understand what we are about and identify potential issues. Since then, he has advised us on a couple of potentially tricky HR problems with good results for all concerned. Great to know such an experienced Corporate HR professional that understands and can advise in the SME environment. Highly recommended!

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We have run our successful Bridal Wear company for almost 12 years and now really don’t know how we’ve managed without Clover HR and in particular Emma, who’s been key in bringing calm back into our business. Along with other HR consultants within the Clover Group, Emma has dealt with some of the most difficult of situations and our only regret is that we hadn’t used this amazing company before.

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