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The Pros and Cons of Technology at Work

Technology is this amazing and powerful resource upon which we rely daily. As with everything, alongside it comes ups and downs, positives and negatives. How can we ensure technology is being used in an advantageous way for the business?

From a business perspective, technology is great for recruitment, it can be used to advertise vacancies and to attract and select a pool of potential people. It has a positive effect on the recruitment process and eases the stages of taking on a new employee, which can be a stressful and time-consuming task.

Furthermore, technology can positively impact communication and relationships between employees inside a firm. Having the resources in place to hold virtual meetings, means adaptability to fit in with busy schedules and save the hassle of travel.

In relation to HR, the tools available can be used to track an employees’ performance, which is useful to both; the employee and the manager. When preparing for feedback sessions, the manager is able to quickly access the relevant information for a particular employee.

Opposingly, the internet can be a huge distraction. It is such a vast space, anyone can find themselves caught up in something, leading to counter productivity.

Staying up to date and purchasing the latest technologies is costly to the business. New devices, software and databases are not cheap to implement and running costs also have to be taken into account.

Is it possible that technology can affect real life relationships? Many tasks are now done through a screen, which can remove the personal aspects of business. This relates to friendships between employees, just as much as the employee-customer relationship.

Lastly, content is created by the minute. Technology is here to stay for many years to come and is going to continue becoming more advanced. Therefore, will we reach a point where the resources available become a minefield and difficult to navigate? Ensuring technological devices are up to date and only purchasing what is truly necessary can help avoid many costs and headaches.

For further help with using technology for recruitment in a way advantageous to your business, please contact Clover HR today.

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