How to Motivate Employees Effectively

Motivation at work is predominantly fuelled by the self. Drive and passion are an employees’ main sources of motivation; however, this can be affected massively by the manager and support team. Having a substantial and fair reward system in place is proven to have a positive impact on an employee’s attitudes at work.

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The reward system includes intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. Typically, intrinsic rewards include praise and recognition and are the non-monetary benefits an employee receives. Extrinsic rewards are often monetary based, including basic salary and bonuses.

Other aspects of work are crucial factors of the creation of motivation, as well as rewards and pay. A division of decision-making across the team not only gives everyone a great sense of responsibility but is likely to improve relationships between manager and staff.

An issue which seems to commonly arise is a lack of training, especially if a member of staff has been with a company for a long time. Employee Development helps drive the organisation to success and keeping staff interested and engaged in their work derives from this. Adapting specific training programmes to suit an individual’s needs will make them feel valued and increase the productivity of the business. We offer services to help you with Employee Development, Clover HR are here to suit your needs.

SMART Goals - Motivation

Goal-setting boosts individual and team morale and promotes building strong relationships within the workplace. SMART goals are a great way to help any person grow and develop. These are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound goals which can be set by both, an employee, or a manager. Perhaps one-on-one feedback sessions between a manager and employee can be used to set achievements, helping improve performance.

Finally, motivation is fuelled by a happy and positive work environment. Creating a place where an employee enjoys spending their time is what ultimately affects levels of motivation and productivity. On average, an employee spends around 37 hours per week at work, therefore, a positive atmosphere should be a point of focus for employers. Improving the work environment is a great start to ensuring employees are dedicated and committed to their jobs.

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