You’re Fired!

How many times do we hear those famous words  ‘You’re Fired!’ from Lord Alan Sugar’s mouth?

Eleven to be precise! 12 candidates are chosen at the beginning of the selection process to appear on The Apprentice and along the way, each week at least one is destined to have the famous ‘Sugar finger point’ and have to leave the process immediately.

Love it or hate it, the start of the 2017 series of The Apprentice airs on BBC1 tomorrow at 9.00pm.

Unbelievably, it is about to embark on its thirteenth series… Let’s hope the winner doesn’t suffer with triskaidekaphobia!

For those of you not familiar with the format of the TV programme, each series aims to find Lord Sugar a new apprentice. Now worth an estimated £1.4bn, he was the founder of Amstrad.

Recreating the toughest of tasks ‘apparently’, it can be both very funny and equally cringeworthy due to the sheer incompetence or arrogance of the 12 candidates!

The show, which began in 2005 had an equivalent show in the US, which first aired in 2004 and was chaired by none other than Donald Trump! Does this mean that someday Lord Sugar might find his way to the keys of 10 Downing Street! Whether a lover or hater of the show, please add a comment with who you think is destined to win! We all have gut instincts when meeting people… first impressions really do count! Plus it will be really interesting to see if any of your predictions do in fact come true…

On a more serious note, if you find yourself in the ‘firing’ seat, or indeed the company that you work for wants to part company with a member of staff, Clover HR would be only too happy to offer you both support and advice.

So, if you need any HR support, be it in relation to company personnel or indeed recruitment, coaching, training or interim consultancy, look no further than Clover HR.

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