World Breastfeeding Week 2022


This month we are supporting #worldbreastfeedingweek2022

Did you know employers are required to provide suitable rest facilities for breastfeeding mothers. If an employer refuses to accommodate a breastfeeding employee, the employer may be considered guilty of sex discrimination.

It is good practice for an employer to consider how they would accommodate breastfeeding in the workplace.

Is your workplace environment inclusive? Do you have the facilities to support a mother who wishes to express and store her milk?

Does your organisation promote both a work and family life balance? Are your family friendly policies such as flexible working and maternity policies up to date?

By providing the above, you (the organisation) is more than likely to benefit by:

  • Retaining talent, saving the cost of replacing and training staff.
  • Encouraging mothers to return to work earlier (should they want to of course).
  • Resulting in a positive company image, leading to easier staff recruitment and better public perception.
  • Improved staff morale: build better relations with staff, resulting in a more

motivated, committed and productive workforce.

Let us help you to change the culture of the workplace so that breastfeeding is supported and seen as normal.

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