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Video Conference Calls

For many, working from home has become the new norm and the change in working habits can be a lot to take in.

Over the last few months’ video calling has rocketed both from a professional and personal perspective, but how do you prepare for a professional virtual meeting or conference?

It is important to get “in the zone” and prepare as you would do in an office environment. Get dressed and always wear presentable clothing (if you do choose to keep your pyjama bottoms on be sure you have everything you need before the call so you don’t have to get up!). You do not want what you are wearing to distract from what you are saying so keep things like makeup and jewellery to a minimum.

Where possible, home offices should be set up in a comfortable, noise-free and distraction-free environment with backgrounds reflecting a professional workspace. Virtual backgrounds are available in advanced settings of video calling platforms allowing you to choose an alternative background such as a solid colour backdrop, just try not to wear clothing that is the same colour as the backdrop for best results.

Lighting plays a huge part in how you appear in videos and it is best to face natural light whilst being mindful of any blaring sunshine that could cause you to squint throughout the call. Avoid lighting that can cast shadows on you such as lighting from above or too much light behind you.

Keep the camera at eye level and try to keep your eye on the camera during the call so that you are talking directly to your group. This can be hard to do as the temptation is to look at everyone on the call but do try to revert to looking at the camera so that you address everyone.

As businesses start to reopen and employees return to work, new ways of working are being developed including the use of PPE such as masks and gloves to protect workers from the spread of viruses, hand washing stations and applying social distancing measures (e.g. screens and 2-metre spacing) to work stations and canteens where possible.  Check out our blog on Returning to Work after Covid-19 for more information.

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