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The Importance of Communication at Work

The phrase ‘communication is key’ carries more truth than many people realise. Good relationships at work are sourced from effective methods of communication.

The likes of flexible working and working from home have had an unusual impact on communication within the workplace. On one hand, employees are spending more time checking emails and conversing with colleagues online, and on the other hand they are spending less time in the office so communication is being lost.

Finding an equilibrium of communication is the best way to ensure the important day to day updates are spread across the workplace. A manager should take on the responsibility to communicate key facts to the employees they are responsible for. These managers should be sharing these updates from the next person in the hierarchy. This is a simple method which is proving to be effective.

With part time working on the rise, it is important that employees are kept informed on what days certain employees work. This way, the employee won’t be causing hassle to anyone else if it is their day off. Understanding this and perhaps displaying a calendar in the office would be a good first step. A shared office calendar, either digital or physical can be a simple yet effective central hub for important upcoming events.

One on one meetings are probably one of the simplest steps in improving communication at work. Employees should spend time together to express concerns, ideas and updates. This technique can be used for within the manager and employee relationship also, as it allows the manager time to keep the employee informed on what may be happening in the business, while giving the employee chance to express their opinions.

We live in an era where everyone likes to have a voice, and everyone likes to be heard. This is so important in the workplace, employee wants to feel like they are having a genuine contribution in decisions which may affect them. During large meetings, each employee should be given time to ask questions in front of the team as often multiple employees will be thinking similar thoughts.

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