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The End of Lockdown and The Winter Plan

The government have announced that lockdown will end next week (2nd December 2020). Along with this announcement they have announced their Winter Plan to help control Covid19 during the winter months.

From Wednesday 2nd December people will again be allowed to leave their homes and meet others in an outdoor space if they adhere to the rule of six.

England’s lockdown will be replaced by a revised version of the 3-tier system we saw introduced a few months ago, the revisions made are stricter than what was in place before. The three tiers are:

Tier 1 = Medium alert

Tier 2 = High alert

Tier 3 = Very High alert

Details of which tiers areas will be placed in are due to be announced on Thursday 26th November. There has not yet been an announcement on a Christmas plan yet, we are told that this is currently being discussed and looked into.

Main changes to the Tiers from previous tier rules.

When lockdown ends on 2nd December non-essential shops, gyms/leisure centres, hairdressers can all reopen in all 3 tiers. Collective worship, weddings and outdoor sports are also permitted to resume, with restrictions in place.

Pubs and restaurants in tier 1 remain at table service only but must stop taking orders at 10pm and close by 11pm.

Pubs and restaurants in tier 3 areas will have to remain closed, they will only be permitted to operate a takeaway service, indoor entertainment and hotels will also need to remain closed.

In tier 2, pubs will only be permitted to serve alcohol with a main meal purchase.

People will be asked to remain working from home, in all 3 tiers if they are able to.

A limited number of fans will be allowed back into sports stadiums in tiers 1 and 2, with restrictions in place on numbers allowed to attend, this will be 50% and 4000 people if outdoors (whichever is lowest) and 50% or 1000 if indoors (whichever is lowest).

Once the new tiers are in place, local authorities will have more powers to shut businesses down if they are not adhering to the regulations on coronavirus.

The tier system is to be reviewed on a regular basis, inline with latest data and figures.  The government hope that restrictions can be reduced gradually with spring currently looking like a possible end date, if the vaccine is approved.

The government have also announced that the Oxford University vaccine trials show the vaccine as up to 90% effective in preventing the virus.


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