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Setting Business Goals for the Academic Calendar Year

With the start of a new academic year in full swing, now is a great time to buckle down, get organised and set new goals.

Starting a fresh can be great for our wellbeing and it also gives us the opportunity to analyse our business’ performance and ensure targets are being met.

The likelihood is that there is a long list of changes which need to be made within your business, but are repeatedly being put off. September welcomes in the mark of a new season and with a back-to-school mindset surrounding us, having a revamp of ideas is advisable.

Goals help us to implement changes and ensure everything is on track. However, it is important to look at these from a strategic perspective. Before setting out to reach a goal, ensure your employees understand why these goals are important to the business and why, or if they will increase organisational profit.

Furthermore, viewing goals individually and as a people enhancement tool is important as it will give individual employees and understanding of how they will gain benefit.

Holding courageous conversations between a manager and an employee can help boost team morale, employee confidence and ultimately, performance. Holding regular meetings and keeping employees informed and up to date reflects good communication skills.

If weekly planning is not already in place in your organisation, now is the time to start implementing this change.

Finally, finding a balance for everyone is crucial for our mental health. Ensure your employees are not being over-worked and that they have chance to wind down and release any stress will do nothing but benefit your business.

HR needs to be adding value to a business, therefore, now is a great time to assess this and ensure it is. For further help with strategic business goals in your company, please contact us today.

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