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Advance Couriers Project

Provided Professional HR Services and Grown the Complexity of our HR Program to Match the Continued Growth of our Company!



By engaging with Clover HR Advanced Couriers have achieved the following;

  • Comprehensive HR policies and procedures across the business, which included an employee handbook;
  • A variation of employment contracts which are now aligned to different types of worker within the business; and
  • A focus on HR and brought the Company up to date with employment legislation.

Established since 1991, Advance Couriers have built a reputation as the industry leaders in bespoke dedicated urgent deliveries in the Worcestershire area. Advanced Couriers offer a wide range of resourceful vehicles and operate from three locations.

Advanced Couriers have 22 employees, which are mostly made up of drivers and operational staff.

After taking over the business 4 years ago, the business has grown rapidly and continues to have ambitious growth plans.

There was minimal HR process and procedures in place, leaving the business exposed.

Business Challenges:

  • No clear focus or expertise on HR;
  • Outdated contracts of employment, which did not support the various types of employees within the business;
  • No employee handbook;
  • Very few HR procedures in place;
  • Pay structure.


The Solution

After completing a HR health check, which looks at all aspects of employment and compliance with UK employment law, Clover HR reviewed the contracts of employment to ensure they are fit for business purpose and comply with the latest legislation. A revised contract of employment has been implemented for Advanced Couriers, which supports the business operations and also their employees. This has included implementing different types of contracts of employment to support varying arrangements Advanced Couriers have with employees, e.g. zero-hours contract of employment.

Clover HR have implemented an employee handbook which complements the contract of employment and also HR policies and procedures, and include specific sections which were important to the business.

A full HR policy review was conducted and all policies were updated in line with current legislation and new policies were introduced as best practice for Advanced Couriers moving forward. Additionally, Clover HR develop specific policies to Advances Couriers business operations.

A review of all job descriptions was conducted, to ensure the roles and responsibilities align to the work employees are undertaking.

Clover HR have supported Advanced Couriers to ensure they meet the basic requirements of HR compliance in the employment relationship, and will continue working with Advanced Couriers to ensure compliance as the business grows.


If you would like to know more about Clover HR or have any people management matters you would like to discuss please contact us on 0121 516 0299 or email us at info@cloverhr.co.uk

Services Used

  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Employee Feedback
  • Recruitment

Clients words…

“The Clover HR Team has been a trusted partner for Advanced Couriers since 2019. They have helped us to document all our HR processes, provided professional HR services and grown the complexity of our HR program to match the continued growth of our company. We view the Clover HR Team as an extension of our company and look forward to our continued relationship.”