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New Year resolutions for your company?

Many of us will have been contemplating the year ahead, setting ourselves personal New Year resolutions…

However, have you thought about setting any New Year resolutions for your company? Not resolutions in the literal sense!

Many of us return back to work today for the first time in 2018, and as well as long term strategic plans, it is equally important to keep up to date with planning for your HR requirements in 2018.

GDPR is sure to be a ‘hot topic’ over the coming months. We will be covering this issue in depth. As a responsible employer, you will need to be conversant in GDPR and more importantly comply with GDPR. This is sure to be a massive undertaking for some companies, taking copious amounts of time for internal HR’s to undertake. It is believed that most companies currently do not comply. If you would like assistance in understanding whether your company will comply or not, please get in touch.

Likewise Brexit is sure to start having some potential consequences which will need acting on. Clover HR is of course happy to assist and advise in this very topical issue too!

Are your employee contracts up to date? GDPR will definitely affect your company’s terms of employment. Whilst you may chose to issue an addendum for ease, new contracts must comply.

When was the last time that your company handbook was updated? To be a responsible employer not only means being able to issue a handbook, but more importantly being able to issue a handbook that is factually up to date and correct. Giving a new starter a handbook that has simply been reprinted and not updated for many years is not ideal. Again, updating a company handbook is no mean task and requires many hours of your HR staffs’ time. Save yourself the headache and consider appointing an external HR to handle your companys’ handbook.

Have you a social media policy in place? This grey field can cause potential issues. You may allow your employees to use their mobiles during breaks but is this limited to making calls and texts only? Do you allow them to use your internet to browse their personal social media? Many people feel the need to vent on social media. It may not be considered acceptable for them to post about a ‘bad day at work’ but can you actually dictate what they write?

Perhaps it’s time to consider what HR policies really do need some care and attention this New Year?

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