National Day of Encouragement

Did you know that today, 12th September is National Day of Encouragement?

Dedicated to enriching peoples’ self belief or worth, the National Day of Encouragement was intended to make a positive impact on those around us, be it at work or in our personal lives. Encouragement pulls us along, gives us a morale boost and can re-adjust our thinking.

Considering how much time we all spend at work, encouragement in the workplace is vital!

  • Encouragement unlocks greatness…

We all need to be reminded of how valuable we are and how much we have to offer from time to time. By making worthy people feel valued, not only will they continue to give their best, they will often go the extra mile too, day in, day out!

  • Encouragement reinforces concise decision making…

All too often, making a tough call or decision is hard. Along with the fear of being wrong, there is also the fear of rejection or unpopularity. We are all human and inevitably we all make mistakes. Instead of focusing on how and why the error occurred, as long as the intentions were in the right direction, offer encouragement by re-grouping to learn and move on. Employees will feel both empowered and not afraid to speak up honestly when an issue may arise.

  • Encouragement inspires…

Uncertainty can lead to anxiety. A few words of encouragement from the heart can have a massive, positive effect and dissipate any fears – it is invaluable and may well put that spring back into their step!

  • Encouragement cements loyalty…

One of the strongest forms of leadership, encouragement shows that you care. In turn, employees will trust more and become both loyal to you as an individual and towards the company or organisation. Help to cement this connection by encouragement and integrity.

  • Encouragement is free…

It costs nothing to share a few uplifting sentiments, ideas or insights… and the rewards can be outstanding. Praise and thanks is a human need – never stop encouraging!

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