International Transgender Day of Visibility 2022

The International Transgender Day of Visibility is a national event that happens on 31st March annually.

This day is to raise awareness of discrimination that is faced by the transgender and gender non-conforming community and to also celebrate the achievements across the globe of transgender people.

The day is to provide transsexuals the attention and spotlight to enable others to be educated in what it means to be transgender, and to try to eliminate the transphobia that can occur.

Many people do not know what being transgender actually means, so on this day, people are encouraged to speak out about the issues and challenges they have faced. The day allows for others to learn about the history of transgender people and to change any bias that people have about transgender.

This event was created in 2009, due to the lack of recognition for transgender people. The idea behind creating this day, was to try to focus on the positive aspects for the transgender community.

How to celebrate

This day can be celebrated anywhere, there are many events that take place on the day and many will share their celebrations on social media using hashtag #internationaltransgenderdayofvisability.

Ways to celebrate include

·         Hold events in the work place to encourage employees to raise awareness.

·         Advocate against bias for transgender or non-binary employees in the workplace

·         Display posters or wear pride stickers, colours or lanyards


Transgender and the workplace


All employers are governed by the Equality Act 2010, which protects employees against discrimination because of gender reassignment.


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