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Clover HR is a leading Practitioner in the area of Employee Engagement.


It has won national “Top 100 Companies to work for” awards and can advise you on how to see and maintain an effective employee engagement culture in YOUR Business.

What Business would not want to see this – some 6 Benefits that you can access now by contacting Clover HR in the first instance………………CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO?!

1.Higher Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is key in any company, and when employees are not satisfied with their job, they lack enthusiasm for the day to day of their role and the growth of their companies at large.

Low job satisfaction becomes a drain on the company’s time and money.

When employees are engaged at work and feel satisfied with their position, they feel a greater connection to the company and are therefore more likely to produce quality work, which benefits the company as well as the customer.

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2. Higher Retention And Lower Turnover

The hiring and onboarding process for new employees is very expensive and time-consuming.

According to a 2017 report by Gallup; 51% of workers are looking to leave their current job.

Another benefit of investing in employee engagement is that it will help you retain your top employees and decrease your turnover rates by ensuring that your team is happy.

3. Higher Productivity

Engaged employees work faster, harder and stronger because they like what they do. It’s a no-brainer; when you’re interested in and connected to what you’re doing, you are more likely to do it well.

Gallup reports that; Engages employees are 17% more productive.

Furthermore, when employees are engaged and feel that they are treated well by their managers, they will feel a sense of responsibility to reciprocate this respect by putting in their best effort.

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4. Increased Profitability

Of course, when your employees feel good at work, they work harder, and when they work harder they produce more quality work which in the endpoints to a happy customer. Happy customers keep coming back and they refer other people to your company.

It’s such a simple way to increase your company’s profitability but so many organizations keep looking outward instead of turning inward. Without a solid foundation, no company can thrive and the best way to ensure this sturdy base is to have an engaged team.

5. Less Absenteeism

Engaged employees show up to work and once there, they get more work done. Highly engaged businesses in recent research have realised 41% reduction in absenteeism

The issue with disengaged employees is that they don’t feel a sense of responsibility to the company they work for, so they don’t have a problem not showing up.

Engaged employees feel that they are part of the organisation they work for, and therefore would not want to let them down.

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6. Increased Employee Loyalty

A huge benefit of having engaged employees is that they are loyal to your company and therefore act as company ambassadors.


As we said can you afford not to do this……
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