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How to Recruit Effectively

In a time where the economy is stable, according to the National Office of Statistics, unemployment rates are currently at 4% – the lowest in around fifty years. This is causing companies to expand; therefore, they have a need to recruit more and more.

These growing workforces are great for business. Whilst there may be more employees who need to be paid, there is more work to be completed in an expanding firm.

When taking on a new recruit, bear in mind that having a mixed sex and age groups is likely to make a highly productive team. This way, there will be a wide variety of experience and opinions, altering motivation between employees.

Graduate Recruitment

Recruiting graduates fresh out of university is great, it looks good for the business and is also beneficial to the individual. They will learn a wide range of skills before any bad habits are made. As graduates are young, they have an enthusiastic outlook on work and can benefit from being given a sense of responsibility for character building.

Interestingly, many companies are now removing the minimum requirements for a 2:1 degree altogether when looking to employ someone new. Also, A Level results are becoming less relevant as individuals change during their time in university, after growing out of the teenage years.

Undergraduate Placements

Another way of recruiting for less of an expense is to employ an undergraduate student searching for a placement year. Again, this reflects well on the business and can help increase the individuals’ chances of employment after graduation. A placement student will not be as costly as a graduate and it makes a company look diverse.


Importantly, during interview stages it is crucial to keep them fair and avoid any forms of discrimination. It is unlawful and includes age, as well as race or sex.

A HR issue which seems to unfortunately be on the rise, is recruitment fraud. Companies have been copying job adverts and creating false ones, to the point where people have signed false contracts and believe they have a job. This is very damaging for reputation and to avoid this, having checks in place for the jobs a company is advertising is advisable.

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