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How HR Analytics Can Improve Decision Making In Your Organisation

Within the HR arena the use of analytics is becoming increasingly popular. Being able to measure and demonstrate to key stakeholders the worthiness of initiatives in a credible way will make way for future investment. The use of analytical data shows how actions directly impact on the strategic goals of the business and ensures your business is ‘forward looking’.

The use of People analytics supports many areas of HR:

  • Recruitment – providing the quick identification of skilled candidates reducing the hiring time
  • Absence –identifying patterns and trends, ensuring your workforce is always at its’ optimum capacity
  • Annual Leave – looking at holiday trends to identify business pressure points helping you to decide whether to hire additional staff
  • Budgeting – improving accuracy in resource allocation
  • Talent/Development – demonstrating which programme initiatives are effective for future investment
  • Trends – highlighting changes more quickly and facilitating a more proactive approach

People analytics help organisations to understand its workforce so that they can implement strategic plans effectively. Looking at the traits of the workforce and their skillsets and experience enables evidence-based decisions to be made.

Finding the right systems to suit your business can be a minefield. There are many platforms available to help you support and deliver HR analytical information. Finding the one for you and your business can be tricky

At Clover HR our consultants can identify your business needs quickly and can offer advice on suitable platforms that can either be managed in-house or through the Clover HR team. For more information call Clover HR on 0121 516 0299 or email us at info@cloverhr.co.uk for further advice on how we can help you!

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