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Be a forward thinking employer as the clocks go back!

In just under two weeks time, the clocks will go back!

That means most commuters will be getting home in the dark or at the very least dusk.

As an employer, I’m sure that your business is fully aware of the health and safety issues surrounding the day to day running? However, as an employer, could you go above and beyond to ensure the safety of your employees once the early nights have drawn in?

By instigating some simple ideas, each and every one of your employees will feel valued. And we all know that an employee who feels valued will go the extra mile!

Apart from the usual considerations such as automatic locked doors and well lit car parking spaces if your business has them, you may like to think about realising some less obvious ways to keep your staff safe at night!

Why not consider the following five ideas…

  • Group apps?

Why not introduce an app for your company, similar to an internal intranet? Encourage staff to communicate outside of the workplace and if someone is working late or is alone in a remote office, they can liaise directly with a wider audience than a select few on a group email…

  • High visibility clothing

Essential for those staff who have to work outside from time to time, be it in the dark, or simply when the skies are grey, HV clothing has been a required legislation since the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulation came into effect in 1992. However, why not ensure that any personnel who to choose to cycle or walk to work have also adequately thought about reflective items of clothing, or even simply armbands to ensure that once the clocks go back, they can still be seen. You may find that very few staff who walk to work have ever given it a thought! Better still, if someone takes charge and organises to bulk purchase the reflective clothing, the cost per unit may be decreased.

  • Car share

Create a list in public areas or company notice boards, asking for staff to sign up if they fancy car sharing. Quite often, staff simply don’t realise how close they live from some of their colleagues… Better for the environment and better for peoples’ pockets! And great if staff have to walk a distance to their car on a dark evening!

  • Open a taxi account

With the clocks going back, the Christmas party season is fast approaching. Why not consider opening an account with a reliable and local taxi company. That way, whether in the working week or at the weekend, any staff urgently requiring a taxi can call one, safe in the knowledge that it is a reputable firm. And as long as your staff are honest and alert you to the fact that they have taken a taxi on the company account, it also means that anyone finding themselves short of their cab fare can still get hone safely!

  • Personal alarms

If your company can afford to, why not subsidise a personal alarm for each member of your staff? Many of us use to perceive them as being for females only, yet according to The Daily Telegraph in April 2014, the chances of being attacked or even killed outside your home was much higher if you were male.

Remember, your staff are you greatest and most valuable asset – support them and they will support you!

Be a mindful employer, look after your employees and they will look after your business!

If you’re unsure where to begin, why not contact Clover HR.

Please call 0121 516 0299 or email info@cloverhr.co.uk in total confidence.

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