Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Finding the right candidate with the right skills at the right time to fill that crucial vacancy can be a lengthy, time consuming process and often expensive process. Your successful candidate needs to not only have the right “technical” skills to carry out the role but also have those personal attributes that enable them to fit in quickly with the rest of the team

Once you have found the right candidate how do you ensure that their career with you gets off to a flying start.

We’ve all been there, that first day experience sat around feeling lost,  not sure who everyone is, not sure where to find the coffee machine , no idea where to find the canteen – or if there is one and unsure of who to ask for help

The successful onboarding of a candidate determines how quickly your new employee settles in and starts adding value to your business.

Here are a few ideas to make your new employee feel welcome: –

  • Make sure someone is available to greet them personally
  • Show them where they will be sitting
  • Introduce them to the team and other key people that they will work with
  • Provide them with access/log in to systems
  • Ensure that any equipment such as a mobile phone, lap top are available
  • Don’t make the first day all about paper work
  • Give them a tour of the facilities
  • Provide them with a buddy who can provide them with ongoing day to day support as they settle into their new role

By taking the time to have things in place before their arrival and briefing your team makes the induction process a more pleasant experience and more efficient allowing your new employee to settle in quickly and to start adding value to the business. Getting the little things right can make your new recruit feel valued.

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