Dealing with Theft in the Workplace

Where theft is concerned, disciplinary rules must be in place to deal with issues professionally and fairly.

Defining a clear line between disciplinary action and gross misconduct is crucial, an employee should be informed on where they stand before any decision takes place. Within the employee handbook, there should be a comprehensive list of rules and regulations within any place of work.

Having a policy in place will relieve a lot of possible stress and tension that may arise when something unlawful happens in the office or workplace.

During the process of deciding what action to take, gathering all available information and evidence should help the HR professionals and managers involved, form their opinion. Perhaps listening to the employee in question’s point of view will clear up possible allegations. Asking the employee involved to write down exactly what happened and the way they believe they should be punished may be advisable.

Throughout the process, it is important that the employee is kept regularly informed as to next steps.

Depending on the scale of the offence, further action may need to be taken. Dismissal will be the final stage of a process, if the employee has committed a more serious case of theft.

It is important to remember that theft does not just include physical items and pieces of equipment, however, can also include client’s personal data. Understanding the adverse effects this may off on the company as a whole must be handled appropriately.

If an event like this occurs and is ignored, the issue can be taken to tribunal and can have serious cost implications on the organisation. Any issue, no matter how insignificant it may seem, should be properly investigated.

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