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CVs in an Online World

In an increasingly online world, many people ask: `Do I still need a CV?’

Clover HR believe the answer is `Yes.’ A CV is not only helpful but necessary. CV is an abbreviation for the Latin for ‘course of life’, i.e. experience. Which is what a potential employer is looking to learn from your application, however it’s presented.

In recent years, what has changed in some instances, is the platform. However, a LinkedIn profile or an online application form still require a clear and meaningful background to your career history, including previous roles, achievements, development and education.

By assembling all the information needed for an online application form in one place, you are in effect, beginning the creation of a CV.  This is an ‘Absolute CV’; i.e. a document that lists all your employers, roles, dates, training, and educational milestones.  This ensures consistency across all platforms, accuracy in your applications and saves you precious time.  This is a working document and is not for circulation.

A ‘Generic’ CV can be used for uploading to job Boards.  It uses the Absolute CV as its base, but adds more around achievements and challenges overcome in each role. It will include a professional profile where you highlight your strengths, your interests, your aspirations.

A ‘Targeted’ CV is written to demonstrate clearly your skills and experience for a specific role.  It will build on the Generic CV, and include much of the same information, but there will be some areas you want to highlight and others that will be less relevant.

By developing a CV, you are also preparing yourself for an interview.  You have questioned yourself not only to find your facts, but you have also had to think about your motivation, achievements, and challenges; all areas that are likely to be relevant. A well thought out CV should help a candidate as much as a potential employer.

The CV remains the cornerstone of every job application, which is why getting it right is so important.

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