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Building an Employer Brand

Getting candidates for a job opening may seem like an easy task, good hours, good salary, advertisement is promoted well and there you have it, however, those with the most skills within the talent pool know their worth and take a lot more than just good salary to land. Many high skilled candidates approach employment opportunities in a different way, focusing heavily on the company and employer brand.

What is an employer brand?

  • Employer branding is something all organisations have, whether they are conscious of it or not. It considers the way different organisations stand out in the labour market, through overall employee treatment, career path opportunities, employee recognition and reward as well as many more qualities. Having a strong employer brand aids organisations in connecting with and successfully gaining the best talent through having established credibility as a good employer.

Key features of a strong employer brand

  • Strong employer branding connects their values, ethics, and organisational culture with their people strategies. The ethical standards with which an employer treats their employees are highly considered by highly skilled candidates.
  • Your HR team members are at the forefront of attracting new candidates, and therefore can make (or break) your employee branding, by ensuring every interaction with the HR team creates an exceptional experience for the candidate. Working closely with the marketing team to ensure all advertisements of the job itself and the organisation supports the effort to attract the right candidates.
  • Ensuring all marketing efforts demonstrate and highlight why you as an employer are different from all other employers. Consider what makes you stand out and add it to all social media and organisational web pages.
  • Having authentic and organic stories not just from the corporate and marketing side of the organisation but from the employees themselves really support having an effective employer brand. Focusing first-hand on why current employees have chosen to stay within the organisation highlights what makes your organisation stand out as a good employer.
  • Many employees are heavily motivated by the investment in their personal and career growth, therefore an organisation that is very conscious of its employee development will stand out above the rest. This brand advantage can be highlighted through a focus on stories of employees who have experienced development whilst being within your company.

Want to know more about building an effective employer brand? Watch our webinar now: https://www.cloverhr.co.uk/the-importance-of-building-a-strong-employer-brand/ Why choose Clover? GETTING IT RIGHT – FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME, IS OUR AIM. We understand that every client is unique with their own individual strengths, weaknesses and challenges. At Clover HR we do not operate a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach but take time to get to know you, to discover what makes you truly great, learn where there is room to develop and understand the specific challenges you’re facing.

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