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What is our consultancy service?

The usual core services offered by Clover HR provides day to day, hands-on support with any potential HR challenges you face, leaving you to focus on managing your business.

Clover HR consultancy offers a strategic (usually one-off) service that helps businesses move to the next level or manage a particularly complex or sensitive situation.

Is the consultancy approach best for me?

Businesses need to change and evolve to keep that competitive edge. Many common challenges businesses have during this process of changing and evolving is that employees do not understand or share the vision for the future which impacts productivity and engagement.

As well as supporting you with your day to day HR activities through our core services, Clover HR consultancy can help you inspire and align your people to build trust, drive performance and increase the overall resilience of your workforce. If your business is looking to change and evolve its offering then talk to one of our HR consultants today.

Clover HR consultancy is also best placed to support you with complex or sensitive situations which require deep expertise, which can range from managing a tribunal case to investigating whistleblowing allegations. Clover HR consultancy will assign you an experienced, dedicated resource to manage these situations which allows the day to day HR activity to continue to support your business as normal.

How does clover consulting work?

Clover HR consultancy works on a tailored approach depending on your business’s needs, so it’s unique to you.

During an initial briefing, you can discuss what work is in scope, what the timeframes are and what the desired outcome is for each stage. After this discussion, a proposed fee can be shared.

Delivering superb HR consultancy services

Areas consultancy can help

Tribunal Support

Navigating through the tribunal process can be confusing. We can support you through this by turning the ‘tribunal speak’ into plain English in order to help plan your strategy for defending the claim.

Change Management

Not everyone is open to change. We can help by ensuring employees are engaged in the process at the right time helping everyone involved see the value in the proposed change.

Employee Engagement

Disengagement of your employees can cause a real problem for productivity and therefore profitability. Our experienced team are on hand to assist with understanding your current employee engagement levels and to lead the development of an initiative plan to address any areas of concern to spark positive change.

Organisational Culture

A solid company culture is key for any business. Our expertise can help shape your company culture so that it remains relevant and sustainable over time and one that employees can identify with each day

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a challenge to get right. We can support this process with activities such as; ensuring the differing cultures in each company is brought together in a compatible way, identifying and retaining the key talent, developing solid employee communication plans and supporting any restructuring plans.

Restructuring / Redundancy Support

We support you through the challenging process of restructuring (which often can involve redundancy) to ensure you achieve an affordable and appropriate outcome for the ongoing success of your business. This support includes experienced support in reviewing the operating model with a view to reducing costs, which may include staff reductions, liaison with any trade unions (as applicable), advice on staff communication and associated stakeholders.
Clover can also provide flexible, bespoke outplacement support through tailored group or Individual work sessions focused on an individual’s needs.

TUPE Transfer Support

If you are considering buying, selling or merging with another business you will need support navigating the complex TUPE (Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employments rights) regulations. We can support you in ensuring the correct documentation is passed between the two companies, the employees are communicated with correctly and provide confidence that the transfer will go smoothly.

Organisational Design

Getting the structure of your business right is critical to its ongoing success. To achieve this one of our experienced business partners can support an objective review of your businesses organisational design to ensure you achieve the correct target operating model (TOM). This could include conducting a culture audit, helping you understand what the key roles are that are needed for the future, assisting with the design of the transition plans on how to move to your chosen structure.

Reward strategy review

Is your pay, incentives and other employee rewards competitive and supporting your business objectives? We can lead a review of your current reward strategy looking at pay, benefits and incentives and how these can positively foster a positive workplace.

HR Transformation

Is your HR functions design reaching its full potential? We can perform and independent review of your HR function to assess its operational effectiveness. This may include suggesting ways to minimise administrative activities, creating value by delivering data to support business lead decisions and assessing the talent capability for the future

Provision of interim HR Management Support

When your company needs an HR specialist but hiring more staff is not an option, consider Clover HR interim support. Using interim support for your company is a budget-friendly way to get professional HR help without the long-term commitment of hiring permanent HR staff or to fill the gap before your permanent resource arrives.

Diversity and Inclusion

We can collaborate with you to develop a diversity strategy that includes a recruitment and retention plan to enhance your company’s diversity. We can provide training for your managers regarding the company’s diversity initiative, including the valuable business case for diversity.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Poor mental health and wellbeing of your employees can be a significant cause of long-term absence. We can help develop an initiative to improve this by putting together a business case, outline the risks of ‘doing nothing’, such as the financial impact of rising sick pay, lost time and high staff turnover and also suggest actions that will provide positive results. Clover can also provide an EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) to your employees which provides a vehicle for employees to address their issues or concerns in a confidential space.

Leadership Development

Are your leaders ready to move your business into the future? We can design a program aimed at upskilling your leaders with specific emphasis on leadership skills, self-awareness and competence to enhance their skills and business acumen to lead the business into the future

Management and Executive Coaching

Management & executive coaching facilitates individuals’ growth and enhances leadership and management competence. The result for the organisation is gaining higher performance from the individual which in turn increases organizational effectiveness – a win win.

Attraction and retention

Clover HR can recommend and assist with the implementation of employee attraction and retention strategy. This can be as part of everyday operations, as part of a restructuring activity or in any other circumstance. Employee retention efforts may include employee training, internal promotion opportunities, reviewing individual reward packages or improving workplace policies and procedures.

Succession Planning

Our experienced team are well placed to play a key objective role in the successful implementation of succession planning. Whilst business leaders know their people well and objective eye can help ensure succession plans are robust and fit for the future

Your local HR Consultancy Company

Clover HR’s consultancy service is perfect for all kinds of businesses

Be smarter. Be reassured. Be challenged.

We offer independent, creative and transformational thinking which in turn enables your business to develop innovative strategies. Our consultants have extensive experience in a wide variety of sectors which adds insights, external industry knowledge and value to HR transformational activities.

Our Clover HR consultants can provide expertise to support your already functioning HR department or act as an independent HR business partner to successfully guide and embed changes into your organisational structure.

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Meet Helen, our resident consultancy specialist

Helen is degree educated and CIPD qualified with over 25 years’ experience in HR. Alongside her extensive generalist experience, Helen has managed and run many HR projects from creating the plan and ensuring key milestones are identified, and good communications with key stakeholders occur throughout the process.

Helen believes a successful HR Project needs a thorough understanding of the key objectives of the project; a clear and well-organized project plan – with key milestones and reviews included.

Helens project experience and consultancy work

Most recently Helen has been involved in a reorganisation project that unfortunately included the closure of one office and the growth of another. The work transferred to a new location.

Helen’s sense of fairness and empathy with those involved led to the successful completion of the project on time and within budget. Another project involved some internal recruitment at the Director level for a company that required a thoroughly transparent approach. Helen organised psychometric testing, conducted interviews and provided a full report and recommendation to the clients. 

Employee engagement and organisational culture are particular passions of Helen. She has been involved in employee engagement surveys, focuses groups and incorporating a company’s values into processes, documents and the general ethos of an organisation.


Helen has extensive experience of coaching employees – particularly enjoying the coaching of newly promoted managers within an organisation and helping them achieve success in their new roles.

Clover Consultancy case study

Open the toggle below to read about this successful environmental consultancy with a specialism around rivers and wetland management.

The Problem

This successful environmental consultancy with a specialism around rivers and wetland management had been growing steadily for 25 years, but now potential permanent employee numbers would soon be approaching three figures and with that growth, it was becoming clear that certain HR approaches were no longer sustainable.

One big area where it was necessary to be less ad-hoc was around salary decisions.  When a vacancy needed to be advertised, or a job offer made, it was starting from first principles each time, with no structure to rely on.  Ultimately, this could lead to offers being set at what was necessary to convince someone to join the business.  Out of this approach, the following concerns were identified:

  • A fear that some new starters had been overpaid, especially with no evidence on hiring of their actual performance level. 
  •  Alternatively, potentially advertised salary levels had not been set high enough for some vacancies to attract good candidates.
  • New starters with a pay advantage over longstanding employees could be leading to demotivation and attrition.

In addition, at the senior management level, there was a concern around a lack of clear career ladders and the ability to demonstrate to employees routeways for career development away from the obvious move into their boss’s shoes.  There was also a recognition that any inconsistencies in salary might need to be defended in an equal value claim situation and this would be difficult with current practices.

This organisation was using Clover HR for general HR support of its existing very small HR team and they came for advice as to options on how to handle this situation.

Clover HR’s Suggested Solution

Within the resources available to Clover was an Associate who amongst a breadth of experience had a number of years with a reward/compensation specialism, who had gained prior experience of job evaluation, had introduced job grades into businesses in a similar position and had been trained in the use of one of the most common and validated job evaluation systems(Hay).

Clover mapped out a project plan that covered different options around developing gradable role descriptions looking at: how much could be handled in house, how much  external resources were required, the impact on timelines and budgeted cost and how much knowledge transfer would occur to the existing HR team.

This ultimately led to an agreed maximum budget of 20 days of consultancy support.

This Associate was able to coach the HR Manager in the environmental consultancy on how to develop gradable role descriptions for the positions in the business. This required a new template.

Job descriptions had been developed previously in the business, but as with many organisations, they were often a list of tasks that reflected either the doer’s view or their manager’s, but not necessarily a jointly agreed view of actual reality.

Often there would be vagueness around areas of responsibility such that three layers in the organisation might all be stated as doing the same thing, in the same words.  It was not clear who actually did what and who actually took decisions and had real responsibility.  It was also necessary to know what knowledge (”Know-How”) was necessary to do the job and what was just “nice”.  The reality of the problems that needed to be solved within each job role could not be seen in the existing role descriptions.

Having established a template to hold the necessary information, the Clover Associate and the local HR Manager worked together to get them populated and importantly recognised by the job holders and their managers that they were a true reflection of the role.  This would ensure that in turn, they accepted the points generated after scoring also as a true reflection.

The Clover Associate, then reviewed each role description, asking questions as necessary to achieve clarity and consistent quality.  They were then point scored under the Hay System.

This in turn then allowed for the development of a proposal for which roles could be grouped together into fairly wide cross-functional grade bands.  At this point it was necessary to review outliers/anomalies – those roles where their Hay Points suggested they should be in one grade band but their current salary suggested a different one. Obviously, this could then go either way, it could suggest a misunderstanding in the grading based around the write up of the role, or it could show roles that had been underpaid/overpaid in the past and would need action to be taken quickly.

The final stage in terms of what had been agreed upfront was then to access competitive/market data and develop suggested salary bands and how the results of the work could be communicated.  Clearly, employees in the organisation would not just want to hear about what points their job had gained, they would need to know their relativities to others and how this related to their salary now and potential for the future.

The Outcome

This foundational work on proposed salary bands was put into a presentation to be sold to the senior management level of the business so that following sign off, it, in turn, could then be communicated out to all employees.  It was put to immediate use ahead of this to set pay levels for advertising some immediate vacancies and handling some individual employee pay concerns.

As a supplementary request, options were also provided for how annual salary progression could be handled within those ranges.  The environmental consultancy itself was also able to use the information provided to link to some in-house work surrounding competencies.  The project concluded at that point, within predicted budget and having provided a much stronger foundation for the business to make its salary decisions.

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