Working on Bank Holidays – the Facts

With this summer being the hottest on record and August Bank Holiday just around the corner, ensuring everyone is well informed on holiday entitlements is important. At this time of year, many employees may be wishing for longer weekends to indulge in family BBQs and spend more time outdoors. However, understanding the employees’ contract of employment will prevent many possible issues arising.

Firstly, to avoid any confusion or disagreements, bank holiday expectations are to be included in the employee contract. A fair and equal way to pay employees is to include a pro-rated paid bank holiday allowance, whether the member of staff works on the holiday or not. This should be the same for both full-time and part-time staff.

There are no laws on how holiday pay is calculated, this is under total discretion of the organisation. Popular methods of pay include time and a half or double pay on these popular bank holidays. This may be appropriate for your business, depending on the culture.

An important factor to remember is that an employee cannot refuse to work on a bank holiday. If they are scheduled hours on one of these days, they are expected to turn up. Disciplinary action may be appropriate if they decide not to go to work.

Employees are entitled to use bank holidays as part of their annual leave, providing they have the appropriate permission prior to the event. As an employer, being flexible as to when employees are able to use their holiday entitlements is advisable.

Keeping employees happy is something all companies should be aiming for as this sets the standards within the workplace. Taking religious holidays into consideration may also be appropriate to avoid discrimination.

If you require any more help regarding the holiday entitlements of your employees’, please contact Clover HR today.


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