What Not To Wear To An Interview

Dressing to make a great impression at an interview is so important, as we tend to hold onto our first impressions of people, which can be hard to change later.

What you wear to an interview can demonstrate to interviewers how you may present your own personal brand, as well as the brand of the company. Therefore, it is important to do your research into not only the company culture, but the overall industry in which you are applying to, and dress appropriately for it! Ensuring you have great personal hygiene is key, as well as covering up any tattoos and removing piercings.

All this will enable you to make the best first impression possible, and enable the interviewer to focus on your skills and abilities, rather than what you’re wearing.

What not to wear – here are some pointers on what you should avoid wearing to an interview:

  • Lots of bright flashy colours or patterns
  • Ill-fitting clothes
  • Too much perfume, aftershave or makeup
  • Over-loading those accessories
  • Short hemlines
  • Plunging necklines or open tops
  • Shorts
  • Unbuttoned shirts
  • Flip-flops

In addition to the points above you should also avoid going too casual, having any tattoos or piercings on display (small earrings are usually fine), or wearing clothes that look old and dated. Adding some personal style here is fine, but don’t get this mixed up with what may be professional within your interview setting.

Don’t let your clothes be a distraction – all of these things combined may result in the interviewer being so distracted by what you’re wearing, that they don’t focus on your qualifications, skills, abilities, and how you’re answering their questions – which you certainly don’t want! Also, if you fail to research the company, any inappropriate clothing you’re wearing may give the impression that you haven’t thought about their culture – this includes dressing too formally too!

Dressing right for an interview means that you will be well on your way to making that great first impression. Avoid over-doing it with make-up, scent and accessories – sometimes less is more – and steer clear of letting your outfit be an unwanted distraction.


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