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What are the key elements of team building?

Some teams work amazingly together and other teams fall apart at the first hurdle. 

Teamwork is essential for smaller companies to perform their strategic tasks in order for them to be successful, having good teamwork allows companies to use a wider range of experience, expertise and knowledge to complete and succeed at the tasks or projects in hand.  Employee engagement can increase following successes of teamwork as employees feel satisfied and have a sense of achievement.

Good teamwork enables each team member to be committed to the task in hand, contributing to complete the shared end goal.

There are key elements that contribute and make a successful team, these are:

Communication – Good, honest and effective communication is a crucial part of team working. Every member of the team must be consistently updated on the progress and new information, it cannot be assumed that employees know the same information. Team members need to understand each other’s communication styles and adapt to use these to the team’s advantage. 

Delegation – The most effective teams know how to use each team members strengths. By working together, they can identify who is best to carry out each task and organise each task to suit.

Ideas and Support – Team members need to work well together and trust their colleagues, by having a respectful team culture team member are more likely to put forward suggestions and ideas creating better productivity. Team members need to feel that they can suggest ideas and know their colleagues will openly listen to these ideas. All team members need to support each other to reach the end goal.

Expertise – Each team member will have their own area of expertise that can be used to the advantage of the team, they can lead the team in their area of expertise to create new initiatives to help create the changes required.

Having the right people – A good team must be made up of the right people. A team will not function effectively if it is made up of all leaders. Teams should contain a mixture of people including, good leaders, good managers and then soldiers to complete the team.

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