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HR Services For Small Businesses

Growing your business is a full-time task and managing your HR requirements can be difficult to balance. Applying the time to make sure your HR tasks are in order may seem like a low priority at the time. But getting it wrong can cause significant damage to both your reputation and finances, stopping your business dead in its tracks. When you can’t afford to manage your HR internally, outsourcing HR support is a cost-effective way for businesses to manage risk without breaking the bank. This is why our small business HR solutions can be instrumental in helping you to build a stable and long-lasting enterprise.

When developing our HR solutions for small businesses we looked at which HR issues slow down the growth of a business and how we can help. That is why working with us, you can expect to get the benefit of our extensive expertise where we know it helps.

Resources & Assets

Employee documents, handbooks and management forms. We make documents for every HR need you will come across. Never get caught unprepared again by things like sickness, holidays, and working time regulations. Not sure what documentation you need? A quick call to our team and we will be able to tell you exactly which documents you need.

Keeping you updated

Employment law is constantly changing. Whenever it does we make sure you are kept up to date with the changes and explain the effects so you know what it means to you and your business. We are always on hand to help with any changes you have to make as a result of new and developing employment law.

Health & Safety

This can be an HR nightmare if an adequate policy is not put in place before scaling the business. Even if you are a solopreneur, if you meet subcontractors, clients or anyone else at your place of work you need a health and safety policy in place. It doesn’t need to weigh a ton or cost a fortune.

Protection when you need it

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to dealing with small business HR issues. That’s why Clover can be called upon to assist as and when needed with solutions that are created specifically to support your business. We put in place the right insurance packages that you will need as an employer. This will also cover your substantial costs if you find yourself in an employment tribunal.


Did you just silently groan? If you did, we certainly won’t judge you for it. Our team can lift your paperwork burden so that you are freed up to take care of all the other stuff. Get contracts and user-friendly forms tailored to your business at need. Staying on top of your paperwork is critical when it comes to employment and is the foundation upon which good HR practices are maintained.

HR Software

We offer services providing HR Software. Your people are your most important asset but having to manage sickness, holidays and expenses all submitted in different formats can take up time that you could put to better use, and a headache you can certainly do without. Clover can help get you started managing your team with minimal fuss, peace of mind and increased productivity.

Getting the right people

We often assist our clients to recruit the right people into the business as who you work with can make or break a team. You want the right people representing your business when they interact with your clients, so it is important to build a team that works together well and can adapt to your company values. We help identify the values and personality types that would benefit your existing team instead of causing friction within it.


Everyday is a school day and we can help your company develop by offering our training services in Customer Service, Equalities & Discrimination, Conflict Management training / Conflict Resolution Training and much more. We tailor these courses to your business and around your schedule so you get the most out of every course we do.


The benefits of a small business coach help you develop as an entrepreneur and employer. Dealing with other people in and outside of your business effectively is a core component of business growth. Invest in yourself and get the most out of your business. We are here to offer guidance with new challenges and get you comfortable with being open to better ways to run and grow your business.

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We're always on hand to help, when you need us most.

As a small business when you have a problem or need some expert HR advice, we know having someone you trust on the other end of the phone makes all the difference. Being able to speak with a friendly qualified HR consultant about issues with your staff, how to approach a dismissal, disciplinary or redundancy can be a daunting task to do on your own. We are on hand to help you take the steps needed to get you back on track.


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