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Human Resources Solutions to maximise employee performance

Clover HR offers HR Solutions for small businesses with over 30 years of experience at the highest level. We understand first hand that human resource management can take up much needed valuable time and become a drag on your business, instead of being the performance maximising process it should be. If you are not ready to bring these skills in house then an HR solutions company is your answer.

Clover HR was founded to support SMEs with the most challenging aspects of HR, as an extension of your business. With more than 30 years of experience Clover can assist with every corner of HR from investigations, policies, conflict management and appeals.

Your HR department could be yourself, outsourced or a team of professionals within your company. In any case it is a vital pillar that aligns staff with company objectives while maximising their effectiveness.

Clover HR offers a one stop shop for all your needs so why not talk to us about what support you want and we can design a service for you.

Our HR Consultancy offers a number of services including:

  • Health & safety
  • Insurance
  • HR software
  • Occupational Health
  • Pensions
  • Small business HR support
  • HR recruitment solutions
  • Business support services

HR Retained Services

Having an HR company on retainer is like having your own in-house HR director whom you can go to with any issues as and when they arise. It gives you much needed peace of mind that your business is protected regarding HR legislation and that you are getting the maximum value from your staff.

Hear about the latest HR and employment news filtered by our working relationship with you, so that you get only the most important updates before it impacts your business.

Drafting Policies & Procedures

HR policies can add value to your business by improving the performance of your staff and helping those in managerial roles do their job more effectively. HR policies are made up of rules and guidelines which a business will put in place to support the employee life cycle. When implemented professionally such policies can stop any misunderstandings between the staff and the employer before they happen.

Each business is unique and requires a tailored approach. There are plenty of templates available for free and we can advise you on that, but use these with caution and understand they will not be very effective. Clover HR’s experience in creating HR policies and procedures makes us your best choice for a bespoke solution.

We can conduct a Workplace Assessment which covers your current policies and procedures to ensure they are compliant with current legislation. This also has the benefit of highlighting opportunities for improvement. We offer two options for policy and procedure documents.

  • Standard – your quick and affordable option based on the current HR landscape
  • Bespoke – policies tailored to your business and it’s needs

HR Consultancy

HR Consulting as a service is a holistic approach covering the entirety of the employee life cycle. Clover HR can assist you in developing your HR processes and staff to promote your business goals.

HR Training

We have a lot of experience training staff at all levels. Clover will help you identify your skills gaps and present the right training programme to meet your needs whilst improving efficiency and performance. This can include anything from recruitment to absence management.

Business Coaching Services

We are fully qualified to offer business coaching. This is backed up by more than 30 years of experience in developing people to be their best.

HR Coaching Services

The right coaching will improve staff performance and enable them to achieve business objectives effectively. This can be focused on any one individual or the business and it’s team as a whole. Coaching can help build leadership, support role transitions and manage stress, change or conflict. All this and more,

  • In a flexible manner
  • At a much lower cost than employing an HR director in-house
  • Allowing you to focus on other pressing matters
  • While maintaining compliance with current legislation

HR Investigations

The need for an investigation arises when there has been an internal allegation involving a member of your staff. This could be anything from grievances to whistle blowing. It goes without saying that an investigation must be handled with care and carried out by someone with extensive experience. Enter Clover HR.

Our HR investigations supports your business needs with an impartial, professionally structured and tested process. The reports are well documented and clearly concludes whether or not there is a case to answer.

Neutral Evaluations

Sometimes a formal investigation is not what is needed. Where no specific allegations have been made, you may wish to have an impartial independent party to carry out a fact finding process.

Clover’s assistance in this area is best utilised in complex workplace disputes. We understand that time is an important factor during these trying times and resolution is best achieved before escalation can take place. Clover HR will carry out a professional evaluation in a timely manner.

A detailed report clearly conveying the facts and options available, will be provided on time and within the limits of your own policies as well as the Employment Act.

Conflict Management Training

Also referred to as conflict resolution training, this HR solution addresses a business’ need to facilitate conflict and disputes with a robust assessment process. Clover HR brings its experience and skills to identify the cause of the dispute while having a professional investment in the desired outcome. Ultimately this solution affords businesses the best options for resolution while providing them with and informed opinion.

CV Support

We are partnered with a  specialist CV Consultant team who are skilled in preparing CVs in an impactful and excellent presentation format.  Please call us for more information.  Details to their links are here for info –

I have teamed up with Quill Creations to provide my clients their videography services. Video is a cost effective, innovative way to reach customers, new and old, and promote your services or projects. A video can be shared thousands of times on social media platforms and can reach millions of people, and – when marketed in the right way – it reaches the exact people you want to sell to. For promotional videos, marketing videos, corporate videos or filmed client testimonials, get in touch by calling 07494414969 or email

Clover HR with its Associate Partnerships with Resource4 can also offer Independent workplace investigations

With over 30 years experience in HR and general management, we also offer specialist support  in conducting independent workplace investigations for organisations of all sizes across the public, private and not for profit sectors. Working throughout the UK we provide impartial, thorough and rigorous investigation processes together with written reports which outline the facts and evidence based conclusions and enable clients to fully consider the issues and make informed decisions.

Bespoke Training Programmes

Specialist training programmes for HR and line management include

  • Investigation skills training for HR and line managers
  • Managing grievance, discipline and dismissals for HR and line managers
  • Essential interviewing skills for, grievance, disciplinary and recruitment
  • Managing diversity, bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Managing poor performance

Mental Health Support and Advice –  Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence was founded by David Beeney for two prime reasons.

Firstly, to encourage more people in the workplace to talk about mental health. The stigma is primarily the ‘wall of silence’ that surrounds anyone with a mental health issue compared to those who suffer with a physical health problem. David and his team work with senior leaders, HR teams and line managers to create stigma free environments.

Secondly, by sharing his story, David inspires employees who are suffering in silence to speak out and seek help for the first time.  His story resonates with people from the boardroom all the way through the company as the stigma prevents employees at all levels from being able to talk about how they are really feeling.

Why is Breaking the Silence uniquely qualified?

The Founder, David Beeney, has over 35 years’ experience of working in a corporate environment and for over 30 of those years knew what it was like to suffer in silence with a mental health issue. David is also an experienced, qualified mental health counsellor for Mind and has been trained in the core conditions required to grow a person’s wellbeing. As a counsellor, he has listened to scores of clients sharing their stories of discrimination in the work place.

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