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Benefits of a HR System

What is HR software?

HR software is a ‘human resource management system’ and essentially is a tool to make managing people easier.

We are going to explore how it does this and what benefits it gives your business.


Some big benefits:

  1. Time-Saving

You have a business to run. You do not want to spend unnecessary time dealing with time-consuming people management tasks which could be automated.

HR software automates simple processes, such as holiday booking or tracking absence. This minimises the number of manual interventions needed to complete a process, therefore streamlines to increase overall productivity and work management.

  1. Centralised Information

Everything you need to know is readily available in one central place.

Where you have various systems and spreadsheets in place you are likely to duplicate data and have to create manual workarounds to get the information you need. Having all this information in one place enables information to be accessed easily. Updates need only be done once and will follow consistently through the system rather than ending up with various sheets containing conflicting information. This stops any uncertainty and distrust of the information and means you can easily ensure compliance with your systems, policies and processes.

  1. Improves Reporting and Analytics

With centralised information HR software lets you dig into analytics to solve problems and spot trends. For example, are there high rates of absence on a Friday?

HR software makes collecting and accessing this data easily.

  1. Helps you make better decisions

Having the information readily available and current makes decision-making easier. It also makes poor decision-making less likely because you’re not relying on outdated or inadequate information.

  1. Keeps your data more secure

With requirements to comply with GDPR, an improved secure location for employees’ personal information is a significant benefit. It also gives peace of mind that personal information won’t be left on someone’s desk. You can limit access to certain documents making access based on need rather than who has physical access.

Cloud-based HR software also protects your data from physical catastrophes such as a flood or fire; you can access your data from anywhere using your computer or device. Look for systems like Breathe HR which have been ISO 27001 certified for the high level of security they provide to protect your data.

  1. Helps you thrive in a remote environment

A Cloud-based system provides handy access to important information even when you are working remotely. That will be of significant advantage to many businesses during the current Covid pandemic where many workforces are still working from home.

You do not want a lack of access to documents to stop your business from moving.

  1. Improves the employee experience

With a single HR system, employees can log in to view key information. This may include personal information, for example how much holiday entitlement they have, when others have booked leave, current training status, but they can also access Company documents, such as policies and handbooks.

This saves time for managers who no longer have to respond to questions on information that the employees can now access themselves. Saving both time and hassle for everyone.


We recommend…

Clover HR is Partnered with Breathe HR. We believe that they offer a user-friendly simple system that packs a punch. Because of this, we recommend them to our clients and the feedback we have received has been excellent.

You can get more details on Breathe HR’s functionality and pricing by contacting Clover HR or through the Breathe HR website – www.breathehr.com

If you need any further advice, please contact Clover HR on 0121 516 0299 or email us at info@cloverhr.co.uk

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